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Dr. Werner Degenhardt at the DILK

Information Security in the IT

Lecture at the DILK event by Dr. Werner Degenhardt

The DILK event

The DILK (Deutscher IT-Leiter Kongress) event is Germany’s largest specialist congress for IT managers and takes place regularly in Düsseldorf. At the congress, prominent speakers offer interesting lectures and exciting workshops for IT managers who want to advance digitisation and to design the IT structure of their company in a modern and secure way. In between the sessions and talks, there is time for water cooler conversations and for break outs – there is always the opportunity for networking and exchange between peers.

The DILK 2019 event at its core concerned itself with digitization, networking, the potential of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, information, data and cyber security, leadership strategies and the shortage of skilled workers.

DILK 2019 was attended by 1400 participants, and the next date is already fixed: from 28 to 30 September 2020 – also in Düsseldorf.

Dr. Werner Degenhardt: Human Factors in Information Security – Phishing

Bearing responsibility in IT means not only keeping the technology running, but also taking care of the people who operate and use the technology.

“Phishing” is currently the most important attack vector on information security. Dr. Degenhardt of Code and Concept illustrated in his talk “Psychology in IT – why people fall for phishing” how phishing has long since become stable source of income for organized crime.

In phishing attacks, employees unintentionally become accomplices of the attackers: in more than 95% of all successful cyber attacks, the behavior of the operator or user is the cause and prerequisite for the success of the attack.

Imprudent behavior of employees with regard to information security and data protection is the most significant and most serious threat to security. The lecture was addressed to all IT managers who want to counter this threat.

People make mistakes

Humans are the weakest link in the security chain.  Phishing mails are not recognized, content and structure of the mails tempt employees to go to infected websites, enter login data into web forms and open dangerous attachments. Dr. Werner Degenhardt explained vividly and comprehensively – even incorporating the live audience – how humans function, how phishing e-mails can be recognized, and which possibilities sensitization campaign and trainings offer us to improve the behavior of employees.

Dr. Werner Degenhardt was Academic Director of the Faculty of Psychology and Education at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. His research focuses on human factors in information security, social relationships online and human computer interaction.

Since 2018, Dr. Werner Degenhardt has been in charge of information security and data protection at Code and Concept and conducts awareness-raising campaigns, trainings and courses for companies and public institutions to harden the human firewall.






Micro Focus Filr 3.4.7 Update

Micro Focus has released the Filr 3.4.7 update. It offers an updated Filr Desktop Client for Windows with the latest Filr 3.4.7 update.
The fix includes fixes that also fix problems with older Filr versions, but also has something to offer for newer Filr versions.

Important! – also fixed: “blue screen” when using the Filr desktop client
Most importantly, here is the last TID in the TID list, TID 7023960, which describes the occasional bluescreen when using a Filr 4.0 on a 64-bit Windows 10 system. The solution is to upgrade to Filr 4.1.

The following problems should be solved:

TID 7022639 – Using LibreOffice 6 and saving directly to Filr folder fails on subsequent edits
TID 7023747 – Unable to cut-n-paste files if Secure Boot is enabled
TID 7024255 – Multiple pop-ups appearing on desktop with the title of “Filr Downloads”
Bug 1133513 – Error deleting file: “A file with the name you specified already exists. Specify a different file name.”
Bug 1113958 – PDF-XChange Editor can’t open files within “My Files”
Bug 1117370 – Filr 3.4.2 (929) Crashes Libreoffice on “SAVE AS”
Bug 1117582 – Interoperability issue between Filr 3.4 and latest McAfee ENS
Bug 1136870 – Filr 4.0 client breaks eCatcher VPN software
Bug 1132861 – Filr 3.4.3: MPLABX development platform crashes when Filr Desktop Client is installed
Bug 994764   – Adobe Acrobat print as PDF creates txt files
Bug 954590   – Unable to print files inside Filr data area using ‘Adobe Pdf’
Bug 979838   – Save to PDF from Quickbooks into Filr area does not work
Bug 1042682 – In Windows 10, Saving PDF files inside Filr Data area using “Microsoft Print to PDF” randomly fails
Bug 1134371 – Access Denied when saving pdf file from Google Chrome to Filr
TID 7023960  – Occasional Blue Screen on Windows 10 with Filr 4.0 Desktop client

Filr 4.1 Update

Micro Focus has released Filr 4.1, the latest iteration of its powerful Enterprise File Sync-and-Share solution!

You can update your system to Filr 4.1 via the Online Update Channel.

New Features:

Online and collaborative editing:

  • Open and edit common files types within a browser view
  • Multiple users able to open and simultaneously edit the file, changes reflected real-time
  • Administrator can control whether the file can be printed/download/content copied out of Filr


  • Ability to download folders from mobile iOS and Android Apps
  • Revamped Web Client (Tech Preview)

Fix list:

  • Whitelisted files are not synchronized if encrypted (Bug 1145658)
  • Users randomly fail to authenticate – Filr must be restarted (Bug 1144112)
  • Filr 4.0: After upgrade from Filr 3.x to 4.x Postfix to send email notification does not work (Bug 1152608)
  • Unable to integrate NetIQ Advanced Authentication PKI with Filr desktop client (Bug 1131983)
  • Access Denied when saving pdf file from Google Chrome to Filr (Bug 1134371)
  • No documentation for the “Exclude File Types” tab (Bug 1140759)
  • Using LibreOffice 6 and saving directly to Filr folder fails on subsequent edits (Bug 1079631)
  • Using normal delete operation Folders are not getting Deleted (Bug 1133513)
  • Filr 3.4.2: If “secureboot” is enabled then filrapphookx64.dll will not load (Bug 1117768)
  • The new Filr 4.0 client breaks eCatcher VPN software (Bug 1136870)
  • Unable to upgrade Filr 3.4.3 on Suse Xen to Filr 4.0 (Bug 1132367)
  • Filr Client App fail “Send File” in Android 9 (Bug 1149077)
  • Multiple Filr download pop-ups occurring on desktops (Bug 1115441)
  • Adobe Acrobat print as PDF creates txt files (Bug 994764)
  • UI/UX Beta interface wants to open .exe file instead of downloading it (Bug 1138760)
  • After upgrade, cannot login as admin on port 8443 (Bug 1133701

If you have any questions regarding the new features, the update or the installation and use of Filr, please contact us. We look forward to helping you.

Release: the Filr 3.4.6 update and the Filr 4.0.3 update from Micro Focus.

Micro Focus has released the Filr 3.4.6 update and the Filr 4.0.3 update. This update provides an updated Filr Desktop Client for Mac that fixes issues with the new MacOS version Mac 10.15.

You can update your system via the Online Update Channel to Filr 3.4.6 or Filr 4.0.3.

The updates handle the following TIDs: TID 7024170 – Upgrade to MacOS 10.15 results in no Filr files.

If you have questions about the current update or any other questions about Filr, we are at your disposal. Contact us, we are happy to help.

Micro Focus has released Filr 4.0

Micro Focus has released Filr 4.0,
the latest iteration of its powerful Enterprise File Sync-and-Share solution.


Highlights include:

  • Revamped Look and Feel (in Tech Preview): The end-user experience has been completely revamped to remove friction, increase ease-of-use, and create better, more intuitive interactions with Web client users.
  • Updated base platform/SLES/Tomcat/Java: Powerful architecture updates to the base platform to increase speed and performance.
  • Changed default database from MySQL to PostgreSQL
  • The new KevView-based html renderer: A newer, quicker HTML rendering engine to replace the former Oracle Stellent engine.
  • Lucene has been updated to version 7.3
  • Single channel registration key for Filr: (SLES12 SP3 base), Lucene (SLES12 SP3 base) and PostgreSQL (SLES 15 base) appliances
  • 300+ Internal defects resolved
  • …And more!

For any questions concerning the new features, the update or how to set up and use Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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