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Our customized Workshops for your Special Needs.

We show you!

In workshops, we identify your specific needs and work with you to develop solutions for your use cases – each workshop ends up with a tailor-made result that you can work with.

Why us?

As specialists for the OpenText Vibe collaboration platform, the OpenText Filr file-sharing system and as a OpenText Partner, we have qualified knowledge and project experience. Below are some examples of the content of the workshops we offer.

Workshops with Code and Concept are highly professional and effective. Nowhere else can you learn more in less time than in workshops with Code and Concept.”

Edmund Weber

Technical Specialist & Project Manager, University of Regensburg

Workshop for requirements analysis

Needs Analysis

What are the operational requirements? Which components are important for your operational processes? Is your system ready for installation? For an upgrade? We’ll knock your system down to technically feasible requirements before implementing it. For running systems we check the necessity of an upgrade.




Workshops for Administrators

Optimal care of your installation

In workshops for Vibe and Filr administrators, we provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimally support your installation on site. You benefit from our experience as Vibe and Filr administrators and the best practices we have acquired.


Workshops for users

Usage Tips and Uses

In the Vibe or Filr User Workshops, we provide practical tips for using the platform, give examples of possible applications and applications, and train users of Vibe or Filr in dealing with the numerous options of these tools. We are happy to address your topic requests!

Possible topics of user workshops are for example:

  • Knowledge Management / Manage Information
  • Collaboration with colleagues, project partners, learning and working groups
  • Document management / file management
  • Visibility of content/ authorization system
  • Establish and manage teams
  • Design intranet and web pages with OpenText Vibe
  • Control and automate processes, controlling
  • Teaching with OpenText Vibe as an e-learning platform
  • Human Resource Management / Personnel Planning
  • Project planning and production




Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Do´s and Dont´s

Through our experience using Vibe and Filr for a variety of purposes and in a wide range of industries and businesses of all sizes, we can provide you with best practices in specific workshops and highlight the worst-case scenarios. We tell you which things you should never and under no circumstances do and support you with our knowledge, if it does happen. Benefit from our wealth of experience to make the most of Vibe or Filr!

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