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IT-Consulting for companies/ Workshops for administrators and users/ Software development for companies/ Support for administrators and users/ Training for administrators and users

Need help? Our IT service offer.

We support you with our consulting and training offer for users and adminstrators.

We support you with words and deeds – with general advice on your IT matters, support or training. With our planning, design and implementation expertise, we ensure the smooth operation of OpenText Vibe and OpenText Filr and Groupwise collaboration technologies, identity and access management, endpoint management and Information Security.

Particular attention should be drawn to our tailor-made workshops tailored to your requirements, in which we provide you with best practices and the experience of our work. We carry out software development where the on-board means of the standard solutions are insufficient, or if you are facing a special challenge.

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We promote the operational cooperation via online collaboration platforms.

We combine data and documents, decentralized workplaces and centralized applications as well as internal and external eployees, experts and project participants.

We structure your information, ensure controlled file access and enable efficient routine and project work.

We secure through a holistic approach technology, processes and people – we stand for lived information security in the sign of the GDPR.

We make it: Increasing efficiency • Using existing resources • Increasing security • Maintaining compliance • Alternative to cloud computing • rapid installation • low costs • flexible approach


IT consulting

OpenText Vibe, OpenText Filr and co3-tools

Is your system ready for installation or upgrade? In our workshops, we clarify with your administrators and users all aspects of an individualized installation, tailored to your needs!

Identity- & access management (IDM)

User data management, role management, and access rights management in large organizations with flexible project responsibilities can only be accomplished with professional identity management systems. In our workshops, we advise and train you and your employees on the effective, correct and complete use of the system.

System integration

If the interaction as an overall system is to be guaranteed, the integration of independent systems presents a challenge. We support you in our workshops both in the analysis of the existing system structure and in the implementation of the integration and the use of suitable integration tools.



MF Vibe/Filr/Groupwise, ShareOnVibe, IDM and systemintegration for users and administrators

We design our workshops according to the situation and according to the needs of your company. These workshops for administrators and users are individually designed compact seminars on OpenText Vibe, OpenText Filr, Identity Management and System Integration.

Software developement

Creative tools with co3 tools

Where the standard functionality of a platform or software solution reaches its limits, under the brand co3-tools we develop individual program components and creative tools to optimize the workflows of our customers.


Support with questions and problems

As a reliable support partner, we look after your questions and problems by phone, remotely or personally on site.


Make the most of it!

We offer tailor-made training and training for both administrators and end users, so you’ll be able to make the most of your installation.

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