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Our consulting offer for our services and products

Better informed: with Code and Concept.

With in-depth expertise and many years of project experience, we advise and support you in the realization of your projects for collaboration, teamwork and document exchange and information security. The consulting service for our services and products is aimed at administrators and users. This allows companies to increase their effectiveness, relieve employees, make better use of resources and increase security.


Consulting on OpenText Vibe

Potentials, Requirements and Your Special Advantages

We conduct a needs and requirements analysis to tailor the collaboration platform to your needs. On the basis of this requirement determination we create you a suitable offer. The same applies to system upgrades: are the individual settings still up-to-date? How can you configure new upgrade features to help you make the most of your system? In our workshops – gladly at your site – we clarify all aspects that are necessary for a successful and tailor-made installation.


Consulting on OpenText Filr

Potentials, Requirements and Your Special Advantages

If you want to implement a professional solution for file access and file sharing in your company, we support you in this process with in-depth expertise. As an independent service provider and qualified OpenText Partner, we have tracked the evolution of OpenText Filr from the beginning and have actively participated as beta participants. So we can offer you with extensive experience and expertise already to the release of the first version a professional implementation and support of the solution.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following areas, each of which takes into account the individual needs of your business:

  • Conception and implementation of OpenText Filr

  • Installation and configuration

  • Support & consulting
  • Advice and support for the implementation of mobile iPrint

  • Administrator and user workshops

Consulting on co3tools

Standard is not enough?

Where the on-board resources or the standard features of a platform or software solution reach their limits, we develop individual program components and creative tools to optimize the workflows of our customers.

is a brand of Code and Concept. Under this brand, we offer convenient collaboration tools, vibe extensions and add-ons.

Consulting on System Integration

For a smooth Interaction of different Systems

The integration of previously independent systems presents a challenge – especially if their interaction and function as an overall system should be guaranteed. We support you both in the analysis of the existing system structure as well as in the implementation of the integration and the use of suitable integration tools. We also design processes for you to exchange data with partner and customer systems.

Reverse Proxy

System Integration via Reverse Proxy

Take advantage of the versatility of a reverse proxy configuration – we design and implement your special system integration!

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