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Lucy version 5.0 has been released – check out the big platform update!

Lucy version 5.0 has been released and is packed with many new features – such as the brand new statistics dashboard that allows you to track progress and campaign results. This version takes your campaign management to the next level and makes campaign management easier than ever before.

There are great updates regarding training diplomas, new features like email-based multi-factor authentication (MFA), updates regarding Azure AD / EntraID and many more…


The following topics were addressed:

  • A Brand new cross campaign Statistics Dashboard that allows you to measure over time progress, analyze campaign results and get valuable insights
  • Updates regarding Diploma Emails
  • the abilty to use an international credit card to purchase platform credits
  • Email based Multi-Factor-Authentication
  • UI enhancements and a new Icons sets
  • Azure AD EntraID enhancements
  • auto-deletetion of incident reports to save storage space
  • Performance, stability, and security improvements and General & UI bug fixes

Please check out the Official Release notes.

A Conference in July: The TTP USA 2024, Live and in full Color!



With the TTP Conference having made its stop in Amberg in Germany in May, in July it’s the US’ turn, again! From the 13th to the 19th of July, the TTP USA conference will take place in Provo, Utah. Of course it is always best to experience such an event in person, but for some time now the conference has been built as a hybrid event – to enable the ones who cannot – or do not want to – travel for an Event like this. The registration page for attending in person or virtual can be found here.

The TTP USA 2024 will take place on site at the OpenText offices and will cover not only the OpenText products we know and love, but always widens our view and shines a light on other items to be found in the large and sprawling portfolio of OpenText. These conferences started as events for academics and public institutions only, but has since been opened to every customer and partner of OpenText. Many customers and partners regularly attend to profit from the very high level of technical knowledge and topics covered as well as from the direct connection to the real life of IT people everywhere. The field of topics covered is very long as well as wide, and discussions during the conferences do not limit themseves to technical issues, but cover all aspects that govern our daily life running IT infrastructures.
One of the biggest benefits we see is that the TTP conferences have established a reputation for enabling direct communication to the manufacturer and allowing direct access and contact to the people responsible for the products.

The draft Conference Agenda does show sessions from areas like – among others – File&Print, Collaboration, Email, Archving, Groupware, UEM, and Identity Management. Check the agenda to see if a session will be streamed live in the virtual conference! It is definitely worth registering ,it’s free, as is the TTP Membership!

We will be joining this year’s TTP USA online and we’re hoping to virtually meet many customers and partners, there!

More about the TTP

The Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) are a group of academic or academic focused computing professionals who collaboratively address the technical challenges encountered in the course of their diverse educational missions. TTP members work in or with academic institutions around the world at every level of education. The group participates in lively discussions on technical topics, provides self-support to its membership, desseminates relevant information, and hosts a number of events around the world throughout the year. It was founded in 1988 and is currently sponsored by OpenText. Find out more at

Filr 24.2 is released!


Filr 24.2 is now available for Filr customers!

Together with Filr 24.2, Content Editor 24.2 (for Filr Advanced customers only) and PostgreSQL 24.2 updates are available for our customers via their respective online update channels.

SLES updates are now available for all appliances via their respective online update channels.



With Filr/PostgreSQL/Content Editor 24.2 some functions have been added or improved and problems reported by customers have been fixed.Most important features/extensions:

  • Protected Share Links with Password
  • TLS v1.3 Support
  • Updated Platform Support

Updated iOS and Android apps will soon be available in the respective mobile stores.

Please also read the release notes for more information.

TTP EMEA – Conference 2024

This year’s TTP EMEA 2024 conference is aimed at all IT experts who use OpenText products or are interested in them. The main focus will be on products from the former Novell portfolio of OpenText as well as products used in the academic sector.

This year’s Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) event will take place from May 11 to 17 at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Amberg-Weiden in der Oberpfalz.
The practical one- to two-day workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday (May 11 and 12) in the university’s classrooms and will cover various topics from the fields of ZENworks, Identiy Manager, OES and Filr.
During the conference week, there will be mainly technical sessions, roundtable discussions and focus groups – plus panel discussions and live product presentations.
Experienced consultants, developers and product managers will lead exciting sessions. The opportunity to network with other participants is very valuable.

“Meet the experts” – Code and Concept will also be present at this year’s conference – with an open OpenText Vibe consultation hour.
Participation in the conference and workshops is free of charge. The deadline for on-site conference participation is Friday, 26.04.2024! However, if you register later, you can still participate online. Participation in the workshops is possible until Friday, 03.05.2024.

You can find more information on the TTP EMEA 2024 website!

Release of ThriveDX Lucy version 4.14

ThriveDX Lucy is now released in version 4.14 and offers new attack scenarios with embedded QR code, recurring campaign completion reminders to optimize employee awareness, a mechanism for scheduled server updates and automatic security and hotfixes updates.

In addition, version 4.14 offers intelligent storage management for completed campaigns and improvements to schedules.

4.14 Release Notes

January 2024
Enhance your organization’s security posture with version 4.14!
Presenting cutting-edge attack scenarios that now offer an embedded QR code, recurring completion reminders which optimize employee awareness efforts, a scheduled server update mechanism, and automatic security and hotfixes updates. In addition, Version 4.14 offers you smart finished campaigns storage management, and schedule plan options.

The following topics were addressed:

1) Simulate and test your employees’ awareness with our brand new attack type, dedicated QR code.
2) Several users did not complete the training on time? No problem, just send them recurring reminders, till they will finish the training.
3) Storage management improvements, that allows you to manually or automatically, archive and store campaigns in order to save storage space, without affecting collected statistics.
4) Set a scheduled server update, in order to get the latest version without interrupting your daily routine.
5) Get relaxed and set your server to automatically get security patches and hotfixes. In addition, while it is not recommended, there is an option to Opt-out security updates.
6) Campaign schedule plan updates:
• Take a break and let your server follow your AD automatically and update bounded campaign recipients, including already scheduled sending plans.
• Update campaign schedule plan directly when creating a new rule
• Bound campaign end date automatically to rule finish date
7) Change your preferred language settings from your user preferences page, each time that you will log-in the system will automatically change its language to your selection
8) Security updates
9) Performance, stability and security improvements
10) General & UI bug fixes

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