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Our Choice: Apache httpd

Secure delivery for your content – More security, higher performance with reverse proxies.

Easy. Safe. And versatile.


Today, services and applications often need to be accessible over the Internet: keep attackers away from your web-based systems!

An HTTP Reverse Proxy is a system that delivers web-based content provided by back-end systems to users, eliminating the need for a direct external connection to the application servers. This not only reduces attack surfaces, but also allows a large number of other functions.

Many Uses: In addition to protecting backend systems from attackers, a reverse proxy system provides performance optimization, user authentication, TLS acceleration, load balancing for clustering, and more. In addition, a reverse proxy facilitates i.a. the monitoring as well as the collection of log-based web statistics. Also not to be underestimated is the centralization of the “external HTTP interface”, which simplifies administration and simplifies compliance with policies and rules.

Everything Encrypted: It is now mandatory to encrypt all HTTP content through TLS, but the configuration of many application servers is very complex. With a reverse proxy you no longer have an excuse not to encrypt content for transport.

Our Services

We make Proxies

  • In many projects we have collected and applied experiences with the matter. We provide reverse proxy systems based on the Apache web server, and we assist our clients in configuring other systems, from software systems to hardware load balancers (such as KEMP Technologies). A couple of facts:
  • Almost all of our systems for collaboration and file sharing are delivered via a reverse proxy – even single server systems include a locally running reverse proxy service.     
  • Some of the Reverse Proxies we configure are shipped over one hundred domains per system.    
  •  Depending on the required support level, we offer static or dynamic Apache configurations.     
  • For dynamic configurations with wildcard certificates, an additional service is configured and deployed in minutes.     Reverse proxies configured by us achieve a result of “A” or “A +” on the SSL server test from Qualys.

We are happy to assist you in securing and improving the delivery of your web-based services.

Apache httpd

Stability, safety, reliability.

  • We use the Apache Web Server instead of specialized reverse proxy software (like HAProxy or nginx) for several reasons. The most important ones are:
  • The Apache Web Server is a proven, stable product with few bleeding edge deployments.     
  • The resulting proven and proven safety and reliability.     
  • The fact that the Apache Web Server ships as a bundle with any customer-preferred Linux distribution, providing timely well-tested security patches.     
  • The associated possibility of license-free operation with GNU / Linux.     
  • The large amount of easily available information about configuration and troubleshooting for the customer.     
  • The well standardized and parametrizable configuration.

While the alternate products are more powerful on a few facets, as a total package, the Apache Web Server brings less effort and more benefits to a majority of environments.

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