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As a reliable support partner, we look after your questions and problems by phone, remotely or personally on site. In addition to our comprehensive support offer, we also offer low-cost and coordinated support packages for small businesses.


Our standard support offer: customized service contracts.

The offer ranges from general to special and more intensive support services in the Basic, – Classic, – Professional or Premium range. The services increase in quota, timing, response time, accessibility, on-site service and access to the Code and Concept knowledge base. Support services beyond the standard offer, however, are a matter of negotiation and are differentiated on a case-by-case basis from inclusive and expense-based services.

Support inquiries can be made via e-mail, via our telephone service hotline during business hours or via our ticket system. The provision of support services is also possible via a remote connection (eg via “TeamViewer”).


An outline of our services: General information

Services on demand and budget

Services Included

Our inclusive services include – depending on support level or by agreement – information about available patches, new versions and health checks of the contractual systems.

The service also includes the adaptation and maintenance of the customer-specific version of the user documentation developed by us or the e-mail templates such as in the color scheme, in the customer logo or in customized system names – the system can be customized to your company ,

Expense-related services

By cost-based services, we understand support for system usage, as well as the localization, analysis, and elimination of failures, and the re-commissioning of systems. There are also Code and Concept best practices – tips, on-site services, assistance with installing patches and updates from the manufacturer or support in the use of manufacturer support (specifically: support in the request formulation)

Depending on your collar size, you can book additional lesson packages for the hourly quotas of different standard levels – from “Extra Small” up to forty extra hours: “Extra Large”. In addition to the additional hourly quotas, package deliveries can also be booked individually (health check clocking or adjustment and maintenance of the user documentation)

The response times within normal business hours depend on the importance of the request and the level of support booked.


We are specialists!

OpenText Vibe and OpenText Filr.

Advanced use cases

Due to the complex, versatile and potentially numerous use cases as well as the continuous functional expansion of the software in a list, our extended use cases are neither completely nor up-to-date, the following list is expandable:

Advanced use cases under OpenText Vibe include:

  • Support of work on and with definitions (form and view designer),
  • Support for work on and with workspace and folder templates,
  • Support for working on and with Extensions, JSPs and Remote Applications,
  • Support CSS customization,
  • Support in connecting and interacting with third-party systems (e.g., reverse proxy, e-mail gateway, security appliance, NAS / SAN)
  • Support for so-called “Advanced User” and “Admin” activities (according to manufacturer’s documentation).


Advanced use cases under OpenText Filr include:

  • Support for configuration changes to the appliance,
  • Support for work on the console (via SSH),
  • Support for database work (for example with php MyAdmin),
  • Support of work with ganglia monitoring,
  • Support in connecting and interacting with third-party systems (e.g., reverse proxy, e-mail gateway, security appliance, NAS / SAN, MDM, SharePoint), Assistance in fixing bugs in the OpenText Filr app (on mobile devices),
  • Support in the connection of complex file infrastructures (for example AD-DFS, failover NAS), Support for features of the Filr Advanced License.   


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