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Secure File Sharing with OpenText Filr

OpenText Filr enables decentralized collaboration

Sharing and quick and complete overview of shared files is always guaranteed.

Data access: easy!

The OpenText Filr File Storage and Recirculation System gives users access to files and folders, regardless of time, location, or (even mobile) device. Filr allows sharing files at the enterprise level (internal) and with external users.

And still: secure.

The files are stored according to your data protection specifications in the file system on your company’s server. Simple settings for access control and reliable versioning of the files guarantee the security of your data!

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All data in a central location with OpenText Filr

Enterprise Drop Box

All of your company’s data is on a server hosted exclusively by your company. A major advantage of centralized storage is the security and the ability to access anytime, anywhere from any terminal under controllable access control.

Flexible Data Access – Your employees can easily and easily access the files stored in your company’s file systems at any time.

The data is secure – The files stay where they are – in your protected file systems, backed by your privacy and access control. Do not store company data in an insecure cloud.

Free choice of device – Files can be accessed via a local client (Windows, Mac OS), Web Access (called in the browser) and of course via mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry) – you will always see the same user interface and find easy to handle.

Well organized, always up to date – Stop emailing files all the time and make sure everyone has the latest file version.

File – Permit access internally and externally – Just as you can give your employees and colleagues access to individual files or folders, you can also allow external people file access without your files leaving the company. The release of files and information becomes simple, flexible and secure for the first time!



Sharing files with OpenText Filr

Working together on documents

Everyday business in companies: time and space flexible project teams, in which you work together with internal and external colleagues precisely and without loss of time.

OpenText Filr makes it easy to collaborate, share, and share files. ensuring a quick overview of shared files.

Facilitated collaboration: documents are often edited together – changed, supplemented and commented on. All team members are able to access the documents at any time, from anywhere and from any device. Changes to your colleagues and notes on the documents are immediately visible to all: the entire team is always up to date.

Control file access to external employees – they usually have no access to your company’s file systems. The company can ensure that external parties have access to certain project-relevant documents, even for a specific time frame. Mailing documents is a thing of the past – your data does not leave your company.

Some aspects:

  • Sharing of files and file folders within the team – the files remain stored in the company’s file system.

  • Constant access to the latest file version for all team members.

  • E-mail notification of changes to important files.

  • Simplified communication by commenting files or notes during document sharing.

Keep files on the go with OpenText Filr

Time, location and divice independent data access

Whether in the field at the customer or in sales, in the home office, on trips or on the way to work – your internal and external employees are on the move and need their work materials there as well. OpenText Filr is the solution for mobile file access as well as internal / external file sharing while ensuring true mobility and reliable data security.

The features:

  • Access the most current file versions, not just local copies.

  • File or document changes can be made and saved directly.

  • Flexible access to the files: through your computer’s web browser or through different mobile devices.

  • Control over file access and access permissions (“read only” of files allowed, editing of files allowed, permission granted for further sharing, determination of the expiration date of a specific access authorization)

  • The files stay where they are – in your company’s file system. Do not worry about your backup or additional storage space!



Keep company data under control with OpenText Filr

No cloud computing – controllable access control!

In cloud-based file storage systems, unauthorized copies and incorrect user identities are possible – the loss of control over company files can end badly. With OpenText Filr, the files stay where they are – protected on the file server of your company.

Much documents may be relevant to different departments of your company, but they should never be accessible to external project partners – no problem: they only allow internal distribution and at the same time block the transfer to external users. Keep your business data safe from the dangers of cloud computing and protect sensitive data from loss or discovery.

With a secure file-sharing solution such as OpenText Filr, it’s no problem keeping control over read and edit rights, or file storage or redistribution rights. They give access rights to people who work with important files, but make sure that they can not be shared with third parties. OpenText Filr is a file sharing solution that guarantees that your corporate data does not leave your company’s file server. Only people with appropriate privileges can share files with company employees or outside employees or share documents shared with them. The recipient group (internal or external users) for the file transfer is determined by the owner.

Code and Concept supports you in the process of implementing OpenText Filr!

As an independent service provider and qualified OpenText Partner, we have tracked the evolution of OpenText. So we can offer you with extensive experience and expertise already to the release of the first version of a professional implementation and support of the solution. We focus our services on the individual requirements of your company.


  • Conception and implementation of OpenText Filr

  • Installation and configuration

  • Support & advice

  • Administrators and user workshops

  • Advice and support for the implementation of mobile iPrint

Mailbox full? Not with OpenText Filr!

No more unsuccessfully send file attachments by e-mail

OpenText Filr allows your colleagues access to documents and folders. You determine how long access is granted, whether the recipient is only allowed to read, download, edit, or even pass on the file. That’s how you make sure the right people have access to the right files when they need them.



Mobile printing with OpenText Filr

Print, any time, device and location independent

Office work is not always done in the office. An idea for the customer presentation is still quickly noted in the evening at home in the smartphone or designed in the home office and the business offer is updated on the return flight of a customer appointment on the laptop.

So far awkward: to print the documents then the files had to be transferred to the office computer. And if it’s in a hurry, the network printer is busy with a five-hundred-page print job – flexible, mobile access to current documents is of no use if you can not present the offer to the customer or if you need to hold a presentation without handouts.

With iPrint, OpenText has created a flexible and secure printing environment that covers all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Via a web interface, via AirPrint (for iPad & iPhone) or via app (for Android) or via email, documents from stationary and many mobile workplaces around the world can be output on the company’s own printers. Print from anywhere! – from your desktop computer, from your tablet, from your mobile device, or simply by email without submitting your sensitive corporate data using an unprotected cloud solution.

Make mobile printing a reality and use your in-house access controls and security policies to secure your data!

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