Software – Development

Custom workflow actions automatic book transactions/ IP Adress Management – Findability of IP Adresses/ Communication  Interfaces for External Content

Individual Program Components and Creative Tools

For special problems we find special solutions.

Where the on-board means or the standard functions of a platform or software solution reach their limits, we develop individual program components and creative tools to optimize the work processes of our customers – contact us!

The extensions and add-ons developed under our own brand co3-tools cover many special and special cases of daily work processes.

Use Case

Example: Clear booking transactions

Custom workflow actions, for example, regulate the visibility of postings and available resources in digitized, partially auomatized posting processes and control the authorizations for reservation as well as booking confirmation and billing for different groups of people.



Use Case

Example: IP-Adress Management

“IP address management” in the IT department: individually developed tools facilitate the organization, storage and availability or findability of information.

Here you can create content that will be used within the module.

Use Case

Example: Interface Solutions

We develop additional tools that communicate with the available interfaces of the platform or a software solution and, for example, enable or automate the integration of external content (web content such as text, image or video, news feeds, calendars, …) with just one click.



Use Case

Example: Knowledge Management: organize deleted information

For the organization of your data, information and files, our tools provide quick and easy additional functions, such as: automated clearing up of deleted information or sorting and displaying according to desired criteria. Efficient and simple knowledge management thus becomes a wish from a reality.

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