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Code and Concept?

Code and Concept: Munich, Bavaria

Code and Concept is an IT company at the technology location Munich, Germany. Code and Concept was founded in 2007, but the founders have been in business since the last millennium.

From our location in Munich we serve our customer base in Germany and Europe, but also worldwide. We support our clients in the optimization of business processes through personal support, general advice and tailor-made training – remotely or on-site.

Our team

Over a century of experience in total

Our core team combines knowledge from various fields of IT. However, no team can meet all requirements. When it comes to areas outside of our core business, a well-integrated and well-established partner network supports us.

Our strengths

We ensure the exchange of data and ideas in companies!

We specialize in the design, implementation and support of Enterprise 2.0 Team Collaboration Platforms, Knowledge Management Systems and Learning Platforms (LMS) in research and teaching at universities and research institutes.

We support you in various areas of system analysis, system integration, business intelligence and reporting.

Customer Focus

We support our customers in optimizing their business processes!

In fact – through the introduction of a customized collaboration solution!

In close cooperation with the customer, we develop individual solutions. We assist you with the integration of existing systems and data files (fileshares / emailsystems) with personal support, advice and training.

Using international standards, accepted procedural models and established programming languages ​​(such as Java), we rely on the frameworks and products of leading software vendors.

A strong partner

We are the specialists for the OpenText Vibe collaboration platform

In the area of ​​enterprise 2.0, collaboration and knowledge management, we have established ourselves as a OpenText Partner in the implementation of numerous successful Europe-wide projects based on OpenText Collaboration technologies such as Vibe and Groupwise with in-depth know-how on the market.

Where the on-board resources or standard functions of a platform or software solution reach their limits, we develop individual program components and creative tools to optimize our customers’ workflows.

We offer practical collaboration tools, vibe extensions and add-ons under our own brand “co3-tools”.

Code and Concept was founded in 2007 as a logical consequence of a successful and long-term cooperation.

Our guiding principle is program:

Professional, customer-oriented IT solutions and concepts should be technically perfect, visually high-quality and at the same time intuitively usable!

Our conviction: a professional IT solution fulfills the requirements of the customer, while being technically optimized and cost-effective, while at the same time being professionally designed for usability and design aspects.

We care about: Acquisition of real customer needs, project implementation in accordance with recognized standards in close consultation with the customer and a user-friendly interface with an appealing design.

Experts at hand: Code and Concept works together with a large number of specialists from the fields of software development, system consulting, new media, project management, multimedia and design and has a branch network of partner companies.

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