OpenText Vibe at the University of Munich Hospital (KUM)

Code and Concept has implemented OpenText Vibe as a central communication and collaboration platform with the University of Munich Hospital.

OpenText has released a Success Video about the OpenText Vibe installation at the University of Munich (KUM). The participation of Code and Concept in this project has been highlighted by OpenText.


About the Hospital of the University of Munich (KUM)

The Klinikum der Universität München (KUM) is a center of high-end medicine and medical innovation and research. It is a highly advanced hospital that covers all fields of medicine with its 10,000 employees in 45 clinics, institutes and departments.

Learn how Code and Concept and OpenText have collaborated with the hospital to implement OpenText Vibe as the central communication and collaboration platform. OpenText Vibe is also extensively used for project management. The platform is a central tool of the “Strategy Project 2025”, designed in the future vision of the hospital.

The challenge

There is the somewhat contradictory requirement that the KUM’s medical doctors allow for free communication and cooperation with other medical institutes throughout Germany and worldwide, without giving up data security. It was about protecting patient data.

The solution

The solution was to implement OpenText Vibe as the central communication and collaboration platform – also for hospital project management.

The result

The result was secure and effective team collaboration with complete protection of patient data. The acceptance of the solution was high, as the employees of the potential of Vibe were – at KUM is OpenText.

“After a short iteration, it was clear that’s it, we need it and we’ll take it.”

Crucial for me was that I could use this OpenText product “out of the box” right away. I did not have much of an effort with that – compared to Sharepoint. I install it and it is ready to use! We use the product since 2010 and for four years we have intensified it so much that it is a standard product at the hospital. If we did not have OpenText Vibe – that would be almost unthinkable. We researched a partner and then, thank goodness, came up with Code and Concept – they introduced themselves and it was “love at first sight” – it worked! Service and advice were taken to a whole new level – ensuring that upgrades, maintenance, maintenance, and troubleshooting always worked well.

Jürgen Primbs

Head of Department/ Project Manager, Hospital of the University of Munich (KUM)