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Main activities and range of offers

We simplify cooperation and increase efficiency in your company.

We offer technologies and services for online collaboration, system integration, identity & access management, endpoint management and reverse proxy systems.

“Enterprise NEXT” describes the use of modern technologies – collaboration platforms, file sharing systems, or e-mail collaboration systems – to manage decentralized forms of modern work and acting in companies at a professional level.

Our tools & services for identity and access management, endpoint management, or a reverse proxy can help increase the efficiency, IT security, and agility of your organization’s IT infrastructure as well as the smooth operation of your collaboration platform.

| Targeted use of existing resources | Increased safety | Respect of Compliance |

Collaboration in companies

Web-based network collaboration

Efficient collaboration in teams takes place in modern companies and organizations on web-based collaboration platforms. With such a solution, extensive team collaboration, flexible and constantly optimizable knowledge, document and project management can be easily operated. Process optimization and automation takes place via workflows, and the operation of intranet and corporate portals is simple and secure.

File access in companies

Controlled document sharing

Access to centrally and securely stored documents, regardless of time, location or terminal, as well as the ability to share them with others through a file sharing system, increases your company’s efficiency, saves costs and makes your daily work easier. Common documents? All project participants have controlled access to the latest versions, everywhere, and at any time, for example. a text document in which they work together. Internal and external employees have easy and flexible access at any time with a file-sharing system with free choice of end devices. Nothing is lost, and access to files and folders is strictly controllable – for example, it is easy to determine who, for example, read a document, who can edit one and who can finally forward or delete something.

Information Security

“Spear phishing”. The quick click is often the wrong one!

Semantic attacks are aimed directly at the man-machine interface and thus exploit the blind trust of users in the systems: man is the weakest link in the security chain in his fallibility, credulity or corruption.

Opening a malware-infected e-mail attachment usually causes an insecure browser URL to be invoked: “spear phishing” is the single most important tool that allows APT attackers to gain access to their target networks – the consequences can be grave!

91% of all attacks are via phishing mails | The new DSGVO prescribes training – we help you!

Live phishin training/ employee awareness in practice

We help you to elevate your information and IT security and your privacy by adapting technology, processes and people to a level that meets the requirements of digitization and legal requirements.

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