Tried, established and constantly improved.

Tried, established and constantly improved.

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Our technologies.

Proven quality. Rounded product integration. Plugins and add-ons.

In general, we rely on Linux-based server solutions, but also support Windows-based server systems.

As a OpenText Partner, we rely on proven quality and have a proven and well-maintained software portfolio of an established software producer. A well-rounded product integration ensures the smooth functioning of several common portfolio software products that are suitable for large and small businesses alike. In addition, we offer under our own brand “co3-tools” useful add-ons and plugins to the products offered.

Our own brand

is a brand of Code and Concept. It offers practical collaboration tools, Vibe extensions and useful add-ons to the major OpenText products OpenText Vibe and OpenText Filr.

 “Best of breed”

In areas where OpenText offers no solutions, we work according to the “best of breed” principle. The biggest and best known suppliers and producers do not always supply the best products.

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OpenText Vibe

Collaboration in companies

OpenText Vibe is a web-based collaboration platform for team collaboration, file, project, and knowledge management, intranet, process automation, and optimization. This allows teams, corporate colleagues or external experts to store and communicate project information and process data in one centralized and secure location-a server specifically hosted by your company. OpenText Vibe provides easy ways of communicating between teams and team members – such as post commenting or content tagging for better project structuring.

Connection to office programs! The Vibe Microsoft Add-In allows direct editing of Office documents stored in Vibe.

OpenText Filr

File sharing in companies

The OpenText Filr file access and sharing system gives users access to files and folders, regardless of time, location or (even mobile) device. OpenText Filr allows you to share (internal) files at the enterprise level as well as with external users. The files are stored according to your data protection specifications in the file system on your company’s server. Simple settings for access control and reliable versioning of the files guarantee the security of your data!


Phishing Simulations with LUCY

IT security: “Spear phishing”: the quick click is often the wrong one!

“Only amateurs attack machines. Professionals deal with people. “

Bruce Schneier

Phishing mails

Semantic attacks are aimed directly at the man-machine interface and thus exploit the blind trust of users in the systems: man is the weakest link in the security chain in his fallibility, credulity or corruption. A awareness-raising campaign in your company can help prevent that! We have a fitting tool for this problem! With the co3-tools Phishing Simulator a sensitization campaign of the employees in your company leads to the success!

Other technologies

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