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ThriveDX SAT Awareness Training Suite

The ThriveDX SAT Awareness Training Suite can be used as a central tool for employee training and education as well as for the simulation of social engineering attacks – both among SMEs and major customers as well as the public sector.

Lucy Security AG, based in Switzerland, has its information security enhancement platform installed on more than 9,000 servers in over 60 countries.


This brings ThriveDX SAT to you

The use of ThriveDX SAT brings you increased IT security and sustainable cybersecurity awareness at a fixed price!

The suite can be installed and operated on in-house servers and in-house data centers, unlike many onPremise competitor products. Access to the ThriveDX SAT Awareness Training Suite is role-based controllable and meets the strict requirements of works council / staff council. Also, unlike many cloud providers, ThriveDX SAT is fully DSGVO compliant.

In between, more than 7.5 million users have been trained with ThriveDX SAT exercising.

ThriveDX SAT will provide hundreds of pre-configured phishing templates and training modules free of charge for use by the end user.

Code and Concept as a certified eco-system partner completes the use of the ThriveDX SAT solution by accompanying you

  • planning
  • introduction
  • operation

We help you to elevate information security, IT security and data protection to a level that meets the requirements of digitization and the legal requirements through measures in the areas of technology, processes and people.


One thing is for sure: users like ThriveDX SAT

  • ThriveDX SAT is the only awareness, training and education platform that can run on the user’s IT infrastructure (on-premise). All other offerings are in the cloud and by design are not the safest way to ensure security.
  • All information needed is under the full control and possession of the user
  • ThriveDX SAT is complete in its functionality
  • ThriveDX SAT is extremely cheap
  • Code and Concept supports you with phishing simulations, workshops and support for your in-house ThriveDX SAT installation

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

The central ThriveDX SAT components at a glance

Test and training of employees

With ThriveDX SAT you have a powerful tool for creating and executing phishing simulations in your hands.

  • Phishing simulations are the best way to train employees against phishing attacks, and ThriveDX SAT can simulate all sorts of phishing attacks.
  • ThriveDX SAT can be installed in the organization’s IT infrastructure – the address and behavioral data of employees stay in the house.

Infrastrucutre Test

Use ThriveDX SAT‘s test tools to see how secure your information infrastructure is against cyberattacks.

You see from an attacker’s perspective:

  • the vulnerabilities of their mail and web infrastructure as well as the application programs on the computers of their employees,
  • the information about their organization on the Internet and in the Darknet, which also uses a hacker to prepare his attack.


Training Platform

The ThriveDX SAT e-learning platform offers more than 200 training modules (videos, tests, quizzes, games, etc.) and:

  • A toolbox for authors
  • SCORM Import / Export for the exchange of content with other LMS (Learning Management System)

The whole thing is complemented by workshops to create content through Code and Concept.


Emergency Button

Help is only useful if it helps when you need it! ThriveDX SAT`s emergency button (plugin for Outlook, Gmail, and Office365) reminds employees that email is an insecure thing and tells employees in seconds if a dubious email is dangerous.

Mit wenig Aufwand für Benutzer und IT-Servicedesk werden …

  • automatically analyze the suspicious mail,
  • rewards the caution of users,

  • and integrated training and education.

Which ThriveDX SAT version is right for you? You want to obtain the optimal ThriveDX SAT license for you?

We advise and look after you!

Code and Concept supports you with assistance in planning, implementation and operation and takes care of the license processing. As an authorized ThriveDX SAT Ecosystemparter, you can purchase the licenses directly from us and benefit from our good wire to the manufacturer!

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