OpenText Filr at Tiba Managementberatung GmbH

Code and Concept helped implementing OpenText Filr for compliant, efficient & effective file sharing at Tiba Managementberatung GmbH.

The ability to synchronize files between all platforms has given Tiba employees the flexibility to use any device. Code and Concept’s contribution was highlighted by OpenText, so we want to share this Success Story with you.


OpenText published a Success Story about the OpenText Filr installation at Tiba.

About Tiba

Tiba is a management consulting firm, specializing in project, process and change management. It helps companies successfully complete their projects. Its customers include well-known brands from a wide range of industries.



The Challenge

Tiba’s business model means it often needs to share files with its clients and partners. Although an intranet solution was used for internal file-sharing, there wasn’t a structured solution to help with client and partner collaboration.

The intranet solution was too basic to extend for this purpose. It didn’t provide data or file synchronization and only supported a desktop model, as Günter Schönfeldt, IT Project Manager for Tiba, explains: “As a management consultancy firm, it is important we move with the times and evolve our technology in line with our clients. We needed a file-sharing solution which would enable us to seamlessly move between desktop, web, and mobile platforms while complying with all security regulations placed upon us. A cloud-based solution was out of the question, as our content needs to remain under our control, hosted on our servers.”



The Solution

Code and Concept is an experienced and innovative IT service provider. It worked closely with Tiba to define the different use cases and recommend a good fit. Following a thorough analysis, Code and Concept concluded that OpenText Filr would fulfill all requirements for Tiba and its clients.

Filr was soon implemented and put to the test within Tiba. Consultants enjoy creating workgroups where they can collaborate and share files securely. A large part of Tiba business is hosting training courses for clients. Rather than emailing large files containing training documentation, the trainers now simply send a Filr link to all training delegates. The content remains on Tiba’s servers and any version control issues are avoided.

Contracts or other sensitive documentation which needs to be shared with clients or partners are no longer emailed either, as Mr. Schönfeldt comments: “Thinking about it, I don’t actually use any email attachments anymore, it’s much more efficient and secure to just use Filr to share these documents. It’s very easy to get up to speed with using Filr in your day-today activities. Code and Concept did some initial user training for us and provided quick start guides. Now, when new people join Tiba, a quick session with an existing Filr user is usually all it takes to get going.”

Tiba consultants enjoy the flexibility of accessing their files on the go through the Filr app installed on their mobile devices. This makes it easy for them to do customer presentations without having to worry about whether they have the latest version of the presentation on their device.

File synchronization between all platforms in use within Tiba means there is only one version. An encrypted mobile connection ensures full security and compliance with communication security regulations as well.

The Results

Filr has provided Tiba with a secure file sharing platform which is now key to its collaboration with clients and partners. The ability to synchronize files between all platforms has given Tiba employees the flexibility to use any device; Filr has become one of the main tools in the users’ working environment.

Mr. Schönfeldt concludes: “We’ve used Filr for nearly four years now and it has become a vital part of our business which has brought us closer to our clients and partners. We like the developments we see in the solution and it fits beautifully with our motto ‘Passion for projects’. We look forward to our continued partnership with Code and Concept and OpenText.”


“Filr provides us with an opportunity to exchange data. It fits beautifully with our passion for projects, embodying our motto: Passion for Projects.”

This solution allows us to share documents on a system hosted by us and provides the best access to different user groups in different contexts so that employees can easily access this information.

In creating our use cases we had a great deal of support from Code and Concept. We simply defined what happened with us, what problems we had, and how do we solve them. We have defined different scenarios and went through them with Filr as a solution.

Günter Schönfeldt

IT Project Manager at TIBA, TIBA Managementberatung GmbH