Novell Messenger 3.0 Support Pack 1 is available for download. You can find it on Novell’s website (Services & Support > Download > Patches) – or just follow this direct link to download the latest version.

Please read the instructions on the download page carefully and follow the given steps for installation:

Novell Messenger 3.0 Support Pack 1 has been released. Please be aware that there are security fixes to Messenger’s server and client components (see the change log below and the Readme documentation on the web). It is recommended that they are updated on an expedited basis.

What has been fixed in Novell Messenger 3.0 Support Pack 1:

  • SSL Connection Requirements: Messenger now requires all communications except those to eDirectory to be secure. You can either use a publicly signed cert or Messenger will create the server certificate during the installation.
  • Modify SSL Cipher Suite: You can modify the SSL cipher suite for Messenger. This allows you to disable certain cipher suites if they do not work in your environment.
  • PIN Support for iOS and Andriod Apps: The Messenger app can now be locked with a PIN so only you can access it. Along with using the PIN, you can also used iOS TouchID to unlock the app.
  • Custom Status Support for iOS and Andriod Apps: You can now edit and create custom status’ inside the apps.
  • MobileIron Support: MobileIron can be used to deploy and configure the server, port, username, and password for the apps.

Change Log

Bug Component – Issue


918288 Administration/Install – Allow upgrade w/o reboot

920290 Administration/Install – Disable specific SSL Key Exchange methods for certain firewalls

931720 Administration/Install – Disable non-strong SSL cipher suites by default

912554 Client Cross Platform – Miscellaneous – Implement network detection (Mac)

919575 Client Cross Platform – Miscellaneous – Messenger will not start

654534 Client Linux – Groupwise Messenger client group conversation hangs suddenly

917482 Client Linux – Under some conditions the client will not launch on Linux

920966 Client Linux – Error message for connecting to a non-ssl MA is different than windows

924108 Client Linux – Client uses ‘system’ look and feel (instead of ‘metal’)

910341 Client Mac – Mac client disconnects while iOS client stays connected

922599 Client Mac – Mac client audio alerts cannot be re-enabled

925757 Client Mac – Mac client drops wireless connection

927891 Client Mac – Remove pop-up exception dialog

912552 Client Windows – Implement network detection

918734 Client Windows – Client sits and spins

897568 Client Windows – Periodic client hang issue (hook dll)

915283 Client Windows – Change default recommended keep-alive to 3 minutes

925490 Messaging Agent – NPNS SSL connect failure

915043 Messaging Agent – Drop the connection inactivity timeout to 5 minutes