“Alles neu macht der Mai”, which translates to “in spring everything starts anew”, is an old German Proverb that also holds true this time around. Once again, Code and Concept is a Sponsor of the Domagkateliertage. The Open Horizons Summit (this time in Berlin) once again will have us as speakers, and of course this Code and Concept Monthly will be shining a Use Case Spotlight on Micro Focus Vibe. But finally, there is one non-recurring announcement: in June, there will be a Collaboration Community Technical Webinar being held, this one on the topic of GroupWise.

Sponsoring the Munich Art Scene

We are supporting the local art scene in Munich – Domagkateliertage, June 8th-10th

The “Domagk Ateliers” in the Munich neighborhood of Freimann have evolved from what was once the largest “Artist Colony” in Europe. Since 1993, in an area that used to be a large Army barracks, over 200 artists were allowed and able to pursue their self-realization on over 20,000 square meters. Due to urban development and the housing situation in Munich, this artists’ dream has since shrunk o 6000 square meters, but is still going strong and has been for 25 years, now!

The Domagk Ateliers will properly celebrate this occasion – and Code and Concept is proud to be a sponsor once more of this year’s Domagk Atelier Days. Congratulations from Code and Concept!

During the event every year, the resident artists open their workshops and studios to give a peek at the life and work of artists. In the exhibition space called “halle50” as well as all over the extensive outdoor area visitors can experience the creation of art, and have the opportunity to discuss with the artists, exchanging knowledge, experience, banter and world views. On the grounds, on the Open Air Stage, the “Autobahn Wall”, or in one of the many rooms, there is also lots of entertainment to be enjoyed, be it music – Piano, experimental, Blues, Rock or Soul -, or be it video projections, a sculpture garden, a photo machine, or a children art program. Of course, you won’t go thirsty or hungry – there will be a variety of catering options. Several thousands of visitors enjoy the direct contact with artists and art production every year. Contemplative, wild, informational or just fun and enjoyment – it’s yours to chose!

Details about the event, its schedule and such can be found here: http://www.domagkateliers.de/events/events-intern.

We highly encourage everyone who is interested in Munich’s local art scene to visit the Domagk Atelier Days!


OH Summit in Berlin

This year’s OH Summit takes place in Berlin from June 4th-7th

This year, the OH Summit gets a new location: Berlin! It also gets a new tagline: “Micro Focus Channel Community Conference”. For all customers and partners of Micro Focus – and the partners’ customers – the OH Summit is the place to be! This is where new products are announced and demonstrated, where technical trainings take place, and this is where everyone can delve deeply into any topic, technical or business, with key Micro Focus personnel and of course with any number of like-minded people from the community. For many, the conference is a source of inspiration for business development or simply for improved service to their customers – in house or in business. Here is where you find the support and the information needed to get closer to the goal of digital transformation for customers, service providers and everyone involved.

Two Tracks, two Directions, one Focus

This summit follows the successful model of offering two parallel content focus areas. One is the tried and tested technical training area in the form of hands-on Hot Labs, aimed at people working in technical sales, in systems integration or in operative IT. The other is the business program, focusing on business leadership and the channel, and being aimed at business leaders, IT leadership people and channel partners, who all have a less hands-on technical focus, but who are responsible for IT management and are looking for the inside scoop and the information they need to confidently go ahead with the products of the grown Micro Focus product family.

Eye to Eye with the Professionals

In the Tech Lounge, delegates can explore new Micro Focus technologies, and can discuss one on one with developers and specialists during “Meet the Experts”. In the eight parallel technical tracks, there are over 50 Hot Labs to choose from; in the four parallel business tracks you will be able to gain insight into Micro Focus business strategies, visions and roadmaps.

Last but not least, the fun factor will of course be as high as all return visitors are accustomed to. You can find all about registration, lodging, schedules and of course the content at http://ohsummit.com.

Use Case Spotlight – Micro Focus Vibe

This month, we’re bringing you another Use Case Spotlight to demonstrate the outstanding possibilities and applications to your challenges that Micro Focus Vibe offers – out of the box.

This time around, we will tell you about the first stage of a two-stage-solution that we implemented together with a customer. The challenge is one that many IT people face: the management and documentation of IP addresses, and the exasperation caused by choosing an imperfect medium for that.

The Challenge

The IT group of an educational institution was facing the challenge that every IT organization comes across when it is growing and evolving. The documentation and management of IP address assignment. As many such groups do, they kept their IP addresses in a spreadsheet file, with a sheet per subnet, and all the necessary information in each row. But over the months and years, multiple copies of this file stated to exist, on thumb drives, on network folders, on server’s desktops or on the devices of admins. Time and time again, IP addresses were assigned twice and contact information was not found because the corresponding change was done in one of the other spreadsheet copies. Of course, this resulted in unavoidable, tedious and time consuming de-duplication and conflict resolution work.

The Solution

When setting up systems at this customer site, we noticed that they used a spreadsheet and that we were given an IP for a new machine that was already pingable. So right away, we knew that this process needed not just optimizing, but first: fixing. The fix for the issues seen here was a very easy one: store the file in Micro Focus Vibe! This way, the file is always in the same place, can be searched for easily, changes to the file are versioned and trackable, and access is ubiquitous, from mobile devices, the Web and more. And with Vibe Desktop, people can use a local copy of the file in case they lose their network connection or in case Vibe is being upgraded and cannot be reached for a short time – the changes they make are synched back up as soon as communications are back. And, of course, as is known when working with Micro Focus Vibe, access control for this important information type is secure, but easy to configure.

The Result

With this simple and small change to their process, the error rate and hassle factor of managing and documenting their IP addresses was cut down massively in the blink of an eye. But of course Vibe can do a lot more, and the issue they were still facing was that they still needed the spreadsheet program to get at the information, and it was hard to keep the information structure consistent across all subnets (and thus, all sheets). The second stage of the solution to this challenge faces these issues and will be shown in our monthly update for June.


Collaboration Community Technical Webinar on GroupWise

The next Collaboration Community Technical Webinar will be held on Thursday, June 14th, at 6:00pm CEST. The topic this time is “Best Practices for Upgrading to GroupWise 18”.

In this webinar, the presenters will tell you the best migration paths towards GroupWise 18, the most recent incarnation of the most stable and cost-efficient enterprise e-mail solution. GroupWise is one of the cornerstones of the new Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging Suite for e-mail, calendaring and scheduling, PIM, instant messaging and chat/thread based team work.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about the topics and information in this post, feel free to contact us! We hope to see you at an event or in a webinar, soon!