The TTP conference in Weiden, Germany is getting closer – the agenda is set up. The event is almost fully booked by now and there is a session topic list available.

The Vibe 4.0.4 update may lead to some unexpected system behavior in some scenarios – for example regarding the function “Edit this File” – but solutions are already at hand.

Some may be wondering: what’s the things I could be using Micro Focus Vibe for? This question will be tackled in this Monthly with our first Use Case Spotlight.

TTP EMEA Conference Weiden

At the academic conference, taking place from Feb 26th until March 2nd, someone from Code and Concept will be on site every day, and of course there will be sessions hold by us and our customers. We are giving a session about Micro Focus Vibe. Jürgen Primbs from Klinikum der Universität München (KUM)  will deliver a session – in German – about  „Agile methods in a non-agile environment“. Additionally, Werner Degenhardt, former CIO of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, talks about IT security and will showcase phishing methods in his Live Phishing Training.

Take a look at the recommended sessions, as they can also be found in the now available complete Session Topic List of the TTP conference:

  • “What’s going on around Vibe? Information, Use Cases, Thoughts, and a Call to Action” – a session by Christian Giese from Code and Concept in English.
  • „Agile methods in a non-agile environment“ – The session will be delivered in German by Jürgen Primbs (KUM).
  • Live Phishing Training“ with Werner Degenhardt
  • Also interesting: „Vibe – Get Hidden Reports!“ by Diethmar Rimser
  • There will also be various Filr sessions around sharing, support, scaling and a look into the future, directly from the Filr product manager.

On this occasion, a reminder: do not miss the pre session courses the weekend before the conference, February 24th and 25th:

  • Two day Zenworks – The FULL Potential workshop
  • Two day Linux and Bash Scripting training
  • 3 hour VMware vSphere 6.5 hands on lab on Sunday

Issues after the Vibe 4.0.4 upgrade

Using the new MSURI functionality in Vibe 4.0.4 for the option “Edit this File” can – in certain situations – lead to the function being not visible anymore. Anyhow, there’s more than one way to directly edit office documents saved in Vibe  – we will be happy to advise you finding the ideal solution for your use case.
With some clients, it is also possible to encounter some rendering issues when using the GroupWise Client Integration. We do also support you in this case.

Use Case Spotlight – Micro Focus Vibe

The Challenge

Low efficiency and high risk of error in traditional manual hardware procurement

The process of ordering and obtaining client-hardware in a large, decentralised customer organisation was traditionally executed as a non-unified, manual process with regard to its format and the communication channels used. This led to a significant portion of the IT Service Desks available time resources being locked into controlling and ensuring the data quality and integrity of orders made, on tracking the (partial) deliveries and packaging slips, and into matching orders to the end customer.

The Solution

Digitisation and partial automation of organisational procurement processes using Micro Focus Vibe

The physical order process is enhanced and supported digitally by using out-of-the-box features of Micro Focus Vibe (Online-Form, File Upload/Download, Workflow Processes).

The ordering customer

  • completes an online form, created by the people of the IT Service Desk, in Vibe
  • uploads the completed, official Excel-based order form as an attachment,
  • receives several automatic emails from the workflow engine, containing e.g. the order confirmation or the notification of readiness for pick up
  • gets the invoice directly from the supplier.

The result is a system that ensures data quality and integrity right from the start and which collects all pertinent information in one place, visible to all involved entities. A quick and predominantly complication-free procurement process is guaranteed. Through partial automation, order fulfillment has been quicker and easier for all people involved, and error rates have gone down.