Reporting & BI

Reporting, Business Intelligence, ETL, Data Mining

Code and Concept supports customers in the areas of reporting and business intelligence with requirements-specific solutions based on the open source version of Pentaho Business Analytics and Pentaho Data integration.

In this field, we are clearly focused on customer enablement as well as the design, development and support of use cases that are exactly defined and limited in both time frame and extent, which are developed in close coperation with the customer.


Data Mining

The term data mining is used to describe methods and processes for recognizing patterns in large amounts of data in order to discover regularities, hidden correlations and interconnections that produce new insights. Data mining methods strive to improve data visualization, to find clusters and detect outliers.

We provide advice and support in using your customer data, business data or human resources data to evaluate business processes, to prepare and rationalize decisions, to analyse markets or target customer groups, to recognize network effects or simply to create reports based on existing data.

Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics provides a free, but still powerful platform for generating easy and intuitively understandable views and reports from existing data sets, for example when using data mining in your enterprise. These views and reports enable you to gain a new perspective on existing data and lets you recognize interconnections that help deduct highly resilient statements that had been “in the dark” beforehand.

To provide the necessary functionalities, Pentaho Business Analytics makes use of well-proven, technically mature software libraries like jasper reports.


ETL – extraction, transformation, loading – denotes one step in the process of information integration and data integration, by which heterogeneously structured datasets from disparate sources are unified and joined together, e.g. for data migration. Motivations for ETL can be deduplication, data aggregation or enrichment of data through adding information from different systems.

Code and Concept provides consulting concerning the extraction of relevant data of various formats from various sources, the transformation of this data into a unified format, and loading of this data into the target data store (e.g. a data warehouse). For this, we use the software Pentaho Data Integration Community Edition.

Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration delivers a host of tools to normalize data from a variety of sources and then to filter and to aggregate that data.

As an example, it is possible to normalize the exported data from an online survey tool, then link this data to a database of boiler plate text in different languages, to enable the creation of a normalized and internationalized rendition of the survey results by Pentaho Business Analytics.

Using Pentaho Data Integration, you can process virtually any form of input data – from plain text files via proprietary formats like XLS on to online stores like IMAP mailboxes.

The creation of highly integrated solutions, like for example the analysis of global sales data from data warehouse systems, is outside of the focus of the software used by us. For use cases such as this, we refer you to highly specialized service providers with core competencies in Data Warehouse Analysis and Corporate Business Intelligence.