References for Micro Focus Collaboration Technology

Success Stories, Testimonials and a list of Publications


Micro Focus Vibe Customer Story

This Customer Success Story of Vibe and ShareOnVibe took place at LMU Munich. We implemented both, Micro Focus’ (former Novell) collaboration solution and our Firefox Add-on for Vibe and provided the Faculty of Psychology & Educational Science with solutions tied to their needs.

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Road Test of Micro Focus Filr

This success story is a LANLine article on our implementation of Micro Focus (former Novell) Filr with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the LMU Munich at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ). Our Filr installation smoothly manages approximately 50,000 users, six digit file counts and a complex structure of access rights.

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Identity Management at LMU Munich

The NetIQ partners Code and Concept and IS4IT GmbH implemented a secure identity provisioning and access-control solution based on NetIQ® Identity Manager at LMU Munich, that maps user privileges to user identities, enabling easy monitoring and control of access rights to protect sensitive data.

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Publication List

We are regular speakers at conferences and occasionally author articles in specialist journals. Over the last years, we provided a lot of information material and articles and our work has been acknowledged in others’ publications as well. We’d like to give you an overview of the publications available.

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Quotes from our customers describing their experiences with services, solutions and workshops from Code and Concept: “Highly professional workshops, deep and profound knowledge, smart solutions – reliable, valuable and fair”.

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