ThriveDX Lucy ist jetzt in der Version 4.14 erschienen und bietet neue Angriffsszenarien mit eingebettetem QR-Code, wiederkehrende Erinnerungen an den Abschluss von Kampagnen zur Optimierung der Mitarbeiteraufmerksamkeit, einen Mechanismus für geplante Server-Updates und automatische Sicherheits- und Hotfixes-Updates.

Darüber hinaus bietet die Version 4.14 ein intelligentes Speichermanagement für abgeschlossene Kampagnen und Verbesserungen bei den Zeitplänen.



4.14 Release Notes

January 2024
Enhance your organization’s security posture with version 4.14!
Presenting cutting-edge attack scenarios that now offer an embedded QR code, recurring completion reminders which optimize employee awareness efforts, a scheduled server update mechanism, and automatic security and hotfixes updates. In addition, Version 4.14 offers you smart finished campaigns storage management, and schedule plan options.

The following topics were addressed:

1) Simulate and test your employees‘ awareness with our brand new attack type, dedicated QR code.
2) Several users did not complete the training on time? No problem, just send them recurring reminders, till they will finish the training.
3) Storage management improvements, that allows you to manually or automatically, archive and store campaigns in order to save storage space, without affecting collected statistics.
4) Set a scheduled server update, in order to get the latest version without interrupting your daily routine.
5) Get relaxed and set your server to automatically get security patches and hotfixes. In addition, while it is not recommended, there is an option to Opt-out security updates.
6) Campaign schedule plan updates:
• Take a break and let your server follow your AD automatically and update bounded campaign recipients, including already scheduled sending plans.
• Update campaign schedule plan directly when creating a new rule
• Bound campaign end date automatically to rule finish date
7) Change your preferred language settings from your user preferences page, each time that you will log-in the system will automatically change its language to your selection
8) Security updates
9) Performance, stability and security improvements
10) General & UI bug fixes