Eine neue Version von Micro Focus Vibe ist im Customer Center verfügbar. Für Vibe 4.0.4 wurden vor allem Verbesserungen in der Sicherheit vorgenommen und Probleme behoben.

Im Micro Focus Download Bereich sind ebenso eine neue Version von Vibe Desktop (4.0.4) sowie das Vibe Add-in 4.0.4 für Microsoft Office verfügbar.

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Neuigkeiten in Vibe 4.0.4 und behobene Probleme in Vibe 4.0.4.

Bug Fixes in Vibe 4.0.4

1002792 Performance issues when user is member of hundreds of groups

1025937 Mirrored Folders not syncing – Oracle Database 11g

1037666 Vibe will not sync with eDirectory 9

1038897 If the export of a workspace results in a .zip file larger than 4GB, the .zip file will be corrupted

1039381 LDAP sync halts on empty attribute values

1039466 Files attached to a folder are no longer accessible when using Markup

1039543 Andriod App does not allow going to next page in file folder

1040431 Desktop client randomly stops synchronizing some files

1042971 „Edit in Place“ keeps asks for permission to run for _every_ File

1043315 Entry type changes if item is copied

1043528 Workflow access rights problems

1044366 No search results are displayed

1047249 Using Vibe markup to create a link to a new (nonexisting) entry seems to be broken

1048599 KeyShield SSO Edit applet not working with error “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.kablink.teaming.applets.fileopen.FileOpenâ€

1050531 Folder settings are being lost when copying a folder

1050533 Folder settings are being lost when exporting and importing a folder

1051287 Unable to login after Vibe 4.x server migration

1053014 Section markup (==section title==) is not working correctly on blog folders

1053453 German translation of „Version Files“ button is wrong when dragging a file into a Vibe folder

1055111 Invalid RPC token error when Vibe 4.0.3 is in cluster setup

1055626 Copying an entry from one discussion folder to another restores deleted comments in destination folder

1058534 Adding an attachment to an entry fails via REST

1058745 Copying a Blog folder with entries that have same file attachments Fails with SQL Error

1059848 Set default for edit in place to use MS URI

1063702 Admin unable to login after upgrade 1064707 Calendar Summary accessory not working correctly – not able to navigate calendar as expected

1065054 The Ideas Portal link in Vibe points to the wrong URL

1066183 Accessory panel configured with search query does not display results

1067252 Error indexing entry: java.lang.ClassCastException and various other exceptions

1069995 CSIR database issues. Oracle DB.

1070430 Groups in Vibe show members that are not member in the eDirectory group

1071331 File Duplication during file sync with a Mirrored Folder

1073173 MAC Vibe Desktop Crashes on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

1075287 Mirrored Folder Sync problem – Failed to process entity with path

Gerne helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre Vibe Installation auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten.

Nach unserer Erfahrung hat z.B. die Nutzung der neuen MSURI-Funktionalität für die Option „Diese Datei bearbeiten“ nach einem Upgrade ihre Tücken.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, falls Sie Fragen zu diesen Details oder den behobenen Problemen haben und Beratung bzw. Unterstützung bei der Planung und Installation benötigen. Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter.