We support the local art scene in Munich – Domagkateliertage, June 8th-10th

Posted on Jun 4, 2018 in Art, Munich

The “Domagk Ateliers” in the Munich neighborhood of Freimann have evolved from what was once the largest “Artist Colony” in Europe. Since 1993, in an area that used to be a large Army barracks, over 200 artists were allowed and able to pursue their self-realization on over 20,000 square meters. Due to urban development and the housing situation in Munich, this artists’ dream has since shrunk o 6000 square meters, but is still going strong and has been for 25 years, now!

The Domagk Ateliers will properly celebrate this occasion – and Code and Concept is proud to be a sponsor once more of this year’s Domagk Atelier Days. Congratulations from Code and Concept!

During the event every year, the resident artists open their workshops and studios to give a peek at the life and work of artists. In the exhibition space called “halle50” as well as all over the extensive outdoor area visitors can experience the creation of art, and have the opportunity to discuss with the artists, exchanging knowledge, experience, banter and world views. On the grounds, on the Open Air Stage, the “Autobahn Wall”, or in one of the many rooms, there is also lots of entertainment to be enjoyed, be it music – Piano, experimental, Blues, Rock or Soul -, or be it video projections, a sculpture garden, a photo machine, or a children art program. Of course, you won’t go thirsty or hungry – there will be a variety of catering options. Several thousands of visitors enjoy the direct contact with artists and art production every year. Contemplative, wild, informational or just fun and enjoyment – it’s yours to chose!

Details about the event, its schedule and such can be found here: http://www.domagkateliers.de/events/events-intern.

We highly encourage everyone who is interested in Munich’s local art scene to visit the Domagk Atelier Days!

Domagkateliertage 2018 Flyer

Wunderkammer Domagkateliers 2018 Flyer