Vibe 4.0.5 is released and now available in the Micro Focus Customer Center

Posted on Sep 19, 2018 in Collaboration, Micro Focus Vibe, Novell Vibe, Webinar

The Micro Focus Vibe development team has done a great job and finished the new version Vibe 4.0.5. Que Mangus from Micro Focus talks about this version’s new features in his latest Cool Solutions Article.

You can also find details about the new functionalities on the Micro Focus Vibe product page.

Also available in the Micro Focus download area are new versions of Vibe Desktop, the Vibe Add-in for Office and Vibe Edit-In-Place. More information on their installation is available in the Vibe documentation.

Changes in Vibe 4.0.5

  • A redesigned and enhanced download page for user applications
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection is now enabled by default
  • The Edit-in-Place Java Applet has been replaced with platform-specific executables
  • The File Upload Applet has been upgraded to HTML5-based functionality
  • OpenJDK replaces other Java installations for Vibe
  • Oracle Stellent has been replaced by Micro Focus KeyView for HTML-viewing and text-filtering functionality
  • The Workflow Designer applet has been replaced with HTML5-based functionality
  • SLES 15 Support

Bug Fixes in Vibe 4.0.5

  • 998173 Wiki and Photo Albums Add Files still uses the applet uploader
  • 998854 Profile Pictues, with COSMOGIAI, are shown broken for external users who do not have COSMOGIAI
  • 1028519 Firefox 52 disables applets – workflow viewer and file upload fail silently!
  • 1031603 Cannot add files to “My Workspace > Photo Album” folder from Vibe Web Client (Mac+Safari)
  • 1032033 Enable Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection
  • 1073970 Deleting an entry fails with an unknown error
  • 1074173 HTML attachments are missing on entries created by inbound mail
  • 1075662 User not seen in user list. Reindex returns with one error
  • 1076061 Copying a discussion entry from one folder to another results in a second copy of entry in source folder and nothing in destination
  • 1077434 Thrashing on a folder containing workflow-controlled file entries
  • 1078029 Issues with MSURI edit
  • 1085100 Followup to previous CSIR database issues using Oracle DB
  • 1089896 When there are two survey questions on a landing page, only one answer works
  • 1093164 After Upgrade to 4.0.4 from 4.0.3 Edit This File opens garbled login page on workstation in Office (excel, word, etc…)
  • 1095149 Error registering external user
  • 1095968 Wrong document updated with Vibe plugin for MS Office
  • 1096278 AD ‘Password Expiry Policy’ calculation issue
  • 1097399 Users with extended characters in password cannot login
  • 1099385 When importing iCal from URL, iCal Module treats events with a DTSTART not having a time zone as All Day
  • 1101963 Database problems with MS SQL Server 2008R2
  • 1104222 Unable to save word or excel files using latest Windows Add In
  • 1104861 Need Documentation on Installing JDK 9 or later for Remote Database Installation

Of course, we’ll be happy  to assist in keeping your Vibe installation up to date.

The edit-in-place functionality for “Edit this file” using MSURI (for Microsoft Office 2010 or later) or VibeURI (for Open Office, Libre Office or older versions of Microsoft Office) may show unexpected behaviour after this upgrade if precautions are not taken. Feel free to contact us for more information on this.

Feel free to contact us in case you need support with planning and applying this update. We are looking forward to helping you.

Register now – Vibe 4.0.5 Release Webinar

On Thursday, September 27th 2018, 6:00 pm (CEST) you can attend a webinar to get to know Vibe 4.0.5 and its new features. Register now here.