Information Security and Data Protection

Information security put into effect considering GDPR

We help you achieve a level of Information Security, IT Security and Data Protection that meets the requirements created by ongoing digitization and posed by legal regulations. We make sure that the three facets Technology, Processes, and Humans are all covered.

Your information and your data needs a secure IT infrastructure to live in. We support you in securing data storage, communication channels and data processing on your own devices, in the cloud and in connected devices and networks.

This is being realized through

  • Documentation and Evaluation of your current technical security level
  • Support in planning adjustments
  • Help in adjusting and configuring technical components and protocols
  • Consulting on monitoring of your IT infrastructure, and reporting about irregularities

Information security is always only as good as the security processes and the security culture of an organization, no matter if company, public institution, or any other organization. We support you in the conceptualization and implementation of your ISMS (Information Security Management System) and your security strategy. Our premise in doing that are “Capacity building” – helping you learn to help yourself –  and “achievable information security”, within the scope of your needs and possibilities.

The end result will meet the current national and international reference standards as well as the respectively current legal framework, and it is valid according to established jurisdiction.

We help you in preparing and conducting awareness trainings and campaigns as well as phishing simulations, and assist in creating and implementing training concepts in order to account for the  human factor in information security.

You can rely on an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, technicians and communication specialists supporting you to realize an integrated concept which strengthens your “human firewall” for the long term, for example using awareness raising campaigns or phishing simulations.


“Only amateurs attack machines,
professionals target people.”
Bruce Schneier

Our Service: Live Phishing Training – Employee Awareness Trainings


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