Flexible file access and secure file sharing with Micro Focus Filr

Access and share documents independently from time, place and device

The enterprise drop box you were looking for

A solution for data access independent from time, place and device

  • Flexible access – Employees have easy access to files on their company’s file systems, e.g. to network folders, at any time and from any device.
  • Save data – Corporate files stay where they are – on your company’s file servers secured by data security guidelines and access control settings. Do not store corporate data in an insecure cloud!
  • Free choice – You have access to your files from any device – be it via local client (Windows, Mac Os), web access (use any browser) or, of course, via mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry).
  • Well organized – Make sure that everybody always has the newest version of a document available. Always access the newest file version – and finally stop sending and re-sending files by e-mail.
  • Share access internally and externally – Just as you can share particular files or folders with your employees and co-workers it is also possible to give external persons file access without letting your files leave the company. For the first time, file and information sharing is easy, flexible and secure!

Your employees are mobile – your data is safe

Whether your employees and your sales force are working in the field, at the customer’s, via home office, while traveling or on their way to work – they are mobile and need their workplace on the road.


You are visiting a customer and would like to show them your current product list. Not really a problem with a local copy of the price list on your laptop. But what if your co-workers made some updates on the list in the meantime?  Filr lets you access the newest version of a file from any device. So don’t worry – you will always have the important documents at hand.


You are asked to give a presentation about your project team’s work at the management board meeting. In case you might want to correct a little mistake oder add any information on your way to the meeting – no problem! With your smart phone you can easily access the presentation that’s saved securely in your company’s file system and directly save your changes. In the meeting, just open the newest file version from the device that’s already connected to the projector.


Filr,  the solution for mobile data access and for sharing files internally and externally, offers you true mobility with reliable data security:

  • Access the current version of your files (not only local copies)
  • Make modifications on your files and directly save them
  • Have mobile access via web browser or mobile devices (smart phones and tablets with iOS, Android or Blackberry OS)
  • Keep control over data access and access control settings (read only, modify, re-sharing rights, expiration date of access to a file)
  • Don’t worry about additional data protection or further storage space. Files stay where they are – on your enterprise’s file system.

Sensitive corporate data


Give your sensitive corporate data the security they need.

Filr is a solution for file sharing which ensures that your corporate data never leaves the company’s file server. Only persons with respective rights are able to share and re-share files and the audience for re-sharing (internal or external users) is determined by the owner of the file.

Prevent your corporate data from dangers out there in the cloud.

Are you sure you can trust cloud file storage? Losing control over your corporate file’s copies can come to a bad end.

Your corporate files are secured with access control and authentication mechanisms. Insecure cloud file storage leads to wrong copies and fictitious identities. Don’t loose control over important files, don’t let your corporate file’s identity get hijacked by their cloud alter ego. With Filr the files stay where they are – securely on your enterprise file server.

Protect your sensitive data from being exposed.

Every company has to deal with sensitive data and confidential information, normally saved in files with access control and access rights only for certain people or groups.

With a secure file sharing solution like Filr it is no problem to keep control over the rights to read, edit, download or re-share certain files. Give people who need to work with these files the right to access them, but make sure they won’t share sensitive data with others. Some files might be important for several departments of your company, but should never be accessible for external project partners – no problem: just allow internal sharing and deny re-sharing to external users.

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Give your teams what they need

Working in project teams that require flexibility in time and place and collaborating with internal and external project partners is already part of our everyday work.

Facilitate collaboration – You are collaborating on files in teams, you modify, you comment or you add information to your co-workers’ files. All team members have to be up to date on the current file version, no matter where they are or which device they use to access the data. Your colleagues’ modifications and comments on files should be available and visible for everyone to always have the whole project team up to date and keep them provided with relevant information.

Control file access – Usually, external colleagues do not have access to your enterprise’s file system. Make sure that they have exactly the access they need to files and data relevant for the project they are working on. You are able to manage to what extent and how long the access is given. So, sending documents around by e-mail is finally a thing of the past. Your corporate files do not leave your company.

Supporting efficient collaboration with simple working solutions is a key success factor for productivity in team work. Filr facilitates collaboration, file and data sharing and provides a quick overview over shared data in a team:

  • Share files and file folders within the team – the files stay on the file system inside your company.
  • Access the current file version at all times.
  • Receive e-mail notifications about modifications on important files.
  • Communicate easily within your team by commenting files or sending a note to the recipient with shared documents.
  • Keep track of which document is shared with whom.

“Subject: Whoops, sorry I forgot the attachment …here’s the file”


Your e-mail could not be delivered. The recipient’s mailbox has reached its size limit.

“When did you send me your last changes on the file?”


Everyone knows these examples and has to deal with them in everyday work frequently. Do not send documents by mail any more – the recipient will be very grateful.

With Filr,  you can give your colleagues access to files and file folders. You decide how long someone has access to a certain file, which access rights the recipient gets, for example if one is allowed to read the file, to download or modify it or even re-share the document with others.

In this way you make sure that the right persons have access to the right documents – exactly when they need it.

Print from any mobile device, platform-independent, on any printer

Have you ever tried to print from your tablet or mobile phone?

Your employees get their work done not only in their office and not only on their workplace computer – an idea for a customer presentation is jot down on the mobile phone at home in the evening, the business proposal is getting updated on the laptop during the flight back from a customer meeting.

Up to now, in order to print out those documents you first had to transfer the files to your workplace computer. In case of being in a hurry, to cap it all your coworker is printing the recent issue of a promotional magazine – on your shared printer. So, where is the point for having flexible, mobile access to recent documents if you can’t present the business proposal to your customer or if you have to give a presentation without handouts?

Micro Focus (former Novell) offers a flexible and  secure printing environment, iPrint,  that is suitable for use on every major platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). You can send print jobs to your enterprise’s printers from anywhere in the world and from any device using the web interface, via AirPrint (for iPad & iPhone), Android app or email.

Print from anywhere, from your desktop, tablet, mobile phone or simply by sending an email without transmitting corporate data via an unsecured cloud-based solution. Let mobile printing come true and take advantage of your company’s internal access control and security policies to secure your data.

Our Services

We support you with profound and well-established know-how during the implementation process of a professional file sharing solution. As an independent service provider and qualified Micro Focus (former Novell) Partner (Solution Provider and System Integrator) we have traced the development of Filr  from the beginning and had already access to the beta version. Therefore we are able to offer you extensive experience with Filr  and can provide a professional implementation as well as support for the solution.

Our services, considering the individual requirements of your company at any moment, include the following:

  • Conceptual Design and Implementation of Filr
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Support and Consulting
  • Workshops for Administrators and Users
  • Consulting and Support in implementing Mobile iPrint 

Read the English version of the LANLine article about the implementation of Filr™ with the Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Munich!


We are happy to support you to make your file and print infrastructure secure and let it go mobile!

We adapt individual support agreements specifically to your requirements. Please, contact us for an offer!