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Workshops for Micro Focus Vibe, Micro Focus Filr, ShareOnVibe for users and administrators


As specialists for the collaboration platform Micro Focus (former Novell) Vibe and as a Micro Focus Partner (Solution Provider and System Integrator), we possess extensive knowledge as well as plenty of project experience in the fields of collaboration (Vibe, Filr and GroupWise) and Identity Management (Identity Manager – formerly NetIQ Novell Identity Manager).

This enables us to provide workshops that are tailored to your needs and requirements, covering best practices and template processes that we have developed using our project experience. Below you will find some example content for the workshops we offer.

For every workshop, we gather the specific customer requirements, so the contents can be adapted to provide a workshop that is as efficient as possible. Contact us for more information!


Micro Focus Vibe – Upgrade to Vibe 4.0banner-update

Vibe 4.0 brings along various enhancements for users and administrators, a redesigned user interface as well as a number of completely new features.

We support you in preparing and performing the upgrade of your Vibe system to Vibe 4.0 to make the update of your existing installation with your individual settings successful and to get the best out of Vibe 4.0 ‘s new features.

Is your system ready to be upgraded?

Before the upgrade, we help you to prepare your system and infrastructure carefully and support you to answer the following questions:

  • Are there any patches, version numbers or hot fixes missing before I can upgrade to the next major version?
  • Do I have a documentation of customized forms, views, extensions, JSPs, workflows? Do I have exports of all my custom definitions?
  • Are there any users marked as external on my Vibe system? How are my users organized in groups and teams?
  • What are my most important use cases and how are they realized within my current Vibe system? Is there a use case documentation?
  • Does my infrastructure fulfill the system requirements for the upgrade?
  • Is all my Vibe data backed up?

Configure your system’s settings right away during the upgrade process

In the upgrade workshop we support you in performing the upgrade of the Vibe software, a remote Lucene search index and the Vibe database and provide advice for basic settings and configuration of your Vibe system. We will show you what’s new and different in the administration of Vibe 4.0 and share our Vibe admin best practices with you.

Of course, there are always some clean-up and post-upgrade tasks to do. We also help you with these tasks, for example with resetting the search index, loading your custom definitions and templates to the system, testing and adjusting if necessary.

Have you heard of the new feature to share content easily with internal and external users?

After the upgrade, we give you a detailed overview of what’s new in Vibe 4.0 and check the applicability of the new features to your use cases. We show you the great new functionalities of Vibe 4.0, some tips & tricks from our best practices and explain the most important changes compared to previous Vibe versions so that your users will be able to start right away successfully with Vibe 4.0.

We provide custom-made, tailored workshops based on your requirements. Duration and cost of the workshop depend on the complexity of the system (e.g. the amount of customized configuration, the complexity of workflows, the need to create new solutions for your use cases).

Please contact us for a detailed service offer, we are looking forward to your request.

Micro Focus Vibe – Requirements Analysis Workshops

Together with our customers, we perform an analysis of requirements and demand in order to optimize the deployment of a collaboration platform. Based on this analysis, we compile a quote.

These workshops – which usually are done at the customers site to get the best picture of the current system setup and work environment – are aimed at addressing up the following topics:

  • What is the internal goal of a project to introduce a collaboration platform? Which aspects of work life and of business should be improved?
  • What are the limitations of the collaboration tools and processes that are currently in place?
  • What are the established communication structures in the target group (team/department/company/enterprise)?
  • Will a collaboration solution be efficient in reaching set goals and targets?
  • What requirements and regulations are to be observed concerning data protection and access control?
  • How can a collaboration solution be integrated into the current IT landscape?
  • What are possible ways of synchronizing identities and data into the collaboration platform?
  • Which individual extensions help optimize the platform in the specific setting?
  • What support model is planned for the platform and on which level is Code and Concept involved?

Micro Focus Vibe – Workshops for Administrators

Our workshops for Vibe administrators aim at conveying the knowledge, the tools, and the craftsmanship needed to optimally support and develop your Vibe environment. You as a Vibe administrator profit from our long standing experience in deploying and administrating Vibe and from the best practices we have developed.

Possible topics of the administrator workshops are:

  • Installation (including clustering, load balancing etc.)
  • System configuration and management (server)
  • System configuration and management (web application)
  • Access rights, roles and role filters – Access Control Management
  • Branding / layout / design
  • Customization
  • Rollout and Support
  • Security and Privacy

Micro Focus Vibe – Workshops for Users

In our Vibe user workshops, we provide useful pointers for using Vibe more efficiently and more comfortably. We demonstrate and explain examples for use cases and for methods of using Vibe, and we train users in making the best and most efficient use of the many possibilities that the platform provides.

Of course, we cater to your wishes for topics to be covered!

Some of the topics that can be selected from are listed here:

  • Knowledge management / Vibe‘s ways of organizing information
  • Collaboration with colleagues, project partners, teams, or educational groups
  • Document management / file management
  • Controlling visibility of content
  • Creating and managing teams
  • Designing intranets and web sites with Vibe landing pages
  • Design and control processes and workflows
  • Vibe as a platform for education and for education management
  • Human resource management, personnel planning

Micro Focus Vibe – Best Practices, Tips & Tricks, Dos & Don’ts

Based on our experience in deploying, configuring and using Vibe for a variety of purposes, in various business areas and in organizations of various sizes, we are able to use workshops to provide you with best practices as well as warn you about possible worst case scenarios.

We tell you what you must never, ever, under any circumstances do, and we support you with our knowledge and expertise if you did it, because you did not know, yet. This way, you profit from our experience in using Vibe securely and efficiently.

Micro Focus Vibe – Workshops for Special Use Cases

Code and Concept supports and assists large customer installations in the areas of research and education (univerisities, universities of applied science), public administration, SMEs and international enterprises which have employees working in different time zones.

This creates special requirements for online collaboration and in some circumstances poses very non-trivial questions about data security, informational self-determination, synchronization of content, regulations for archiving and storage of data and so on.

For special use cases such as these, we have collected best practices as well as usage and administration patterns, so a specialized workshop can help explain the possibilities, help sensitize administrators to special needs of the situation, and enable you to be ready for running a collaboration platform in such environments.

ShareOnVibe – Workshops for Users

ShareOnVibe, the Firefox Add-on developed by Code and Concept and released under the co3tools-label, helps you to share content from the web easily into your Vibe system – with extremely high efficiency, boosting productivity when using Vibe in your organization.

Adjusted to customers’ requirements and adapted to the specific target group, we demonstrate in these workshops how the add-on can be used in the contexts most relevant in the current setting. Such work areas and context could be, for example:

  • Information collection and aggregation, (literature) research
  • Managing meeting minutes, phone notes, and to-do lists
  • Website reviews and web design feedback
  • Image/picture and video research and collection
  • creating well-structured, tagged link-collections
  • and many more…

These user workshops are well suited for departments and companies that use ShareOnVibe throughout the organization and want to get the whole work force trained in its use.

More information about ShareOnVibe can be found at the product website .


Workshops with Code and Concept are highly professional and effective. There is no other way on earth to learn more on a shorter time than with Code and Concept.

(Edmund Weber, Technical Specialist and Project Manager at Universität Regensburg)


Consulting on IDM

The administration, organization, maintenance and management of identity data, and the managing of roles and associated access privileges are counted among the more complex topics to be handled in large enterprises, especially when taking in to account the high change rates in project responsibilities, and can only be efficiently managed using identity management systems. How will external collaborators and project partners be integrated into the existing systems? What mechanisms can ensure that, on change of organizational roles, of membership in a project team or on departmental changes, essential access rights are granted, but that no unwanted access to resources can happen?

Code and Concept supports and advises you in the topical fields of provisioning and deprovisioning, directory services and analysis of roles, rights and the necessary requirements and entitlements.

Consulting on System Integration

The integration of previously independent, often disparate systems has always posed a special challenge, especially if the co-operation of the systems and their functioning as a whole needs to be fully assured.

We support you in the analysis of the existing system structure, with design and execution of the integration, as well as in choosing and deployment of necessary integration tools. Furthermore, we design and develop processes for integrating data from partner systems and customer systems.