Quotes from Our Customers

Daniel Epprecht Head of IT Services, SH Power
Thanks to Code and Concept`s professional consulting, we learned about the flexible and manifold uses of “Vibe”. Their workshops for administrators and project leaders enabled us to quickly and independently create viable solutions. Our successful initial project was the creation of an intranet platform. Today, we start to use Vibe as platform to securely collaborate on projects, even with external partners



What our customers

say about us

Günter Schönfeldt Knowledge Management / IT, Tiba Managementberatung GmbH
I really like Code and Concept`s professional approach regarding consulting and support, especially when supporting users with didactically  well-rounded methods, even in highly complex problems and situations
Dr. Werner Degenhardt Academic Director and CIO, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at LMU Munich
We work with Code and Concept because they provide us with smart solutions – like ShareOnVibe – to real-world issues, rather than just implementing another piece of software.

“Highly professional workshops, deep and profound knowledge,

smart solutions – reliable, valuable and fair”


Edmund Weber Technical Specialist and Project Manager at Universität Regensburg
Workshops with Code and Concept are highly professional and effective. There is no other way on earth to learn more on a shorter time than with Code and Concept.
Oliver Diekamp Manager Information Systems at LMU Munich
The guys at Code and Concept have really profound knowledge about Novell Vibe, they are very cooperative and it was fun working with them!
Anthony Priestman former Sr. Sales Consultant, Sr. Solution Architect and Vibe Evangelist, Novell / Micro Focus
Code and Concept is a great and innovative company with an awesome focus on Novell Vibe. Their skillset around customizing Novell Vibe and developing brilliant add-ons for our products have made them one of the industry´s leading partners for Novell Vibe. I have had the pleasure of doing business with them on multiple projects to my great satisfaction. I can recommend Code and Concept if you ever need some brilliant minds!
Claus B. Hartvig IT Manager, Consultant & eLearning Trainer at the Royal Danish Defense College

We had a great 2-days workshop where Erik Ebell and Christian Giese from Code and Concept guided us through, not only the LMU Munich solution, but also what’s possible with Novell Vibe, just out of the box or with a little custom coding. At the end of the workshop we talked about our own current Vibe solution and got some valuable ideas for improvements and last but not least their Firefox add-on ShareOnVibe.

I will highly recommend Code and Concept if you are considering a collaboration solution, not only as an academic solution, but for business collaboration in general. Code and Concept will, based on their deep knowledge of Novell Vibe, be a valuable and fair advisor and partner. You can rely on them, not only in the decision phase, but also when it comes to development, implementation, operation and maintenance.

Start with a workshop hosted by Code and Concept, and you will be convinced about what’s possible!