Micro Focus has released Filr 4.0

Posted on Apr 9, 2019 in Micro Focus, Micro Focus Filr, Novell, Novell Filr

Micro Focus has released Filr 4.0,
the latest iteration of its powerful Enterprise File Sync-and-Share solution.



Highlights include:

  • Revamped Look and Feel (in Tech Preview): The end-user experience has been completely revamped to remove friction, increase ease-of-use, and create better, more intuitive interactions with Web client users.
  • Updated base platform/SLES/Tomcat/Java: Powerful architecture updates to the base platform to increase speed and performance.
  • Changed default database from MySQL to PostgreSQL
  • The new KevView-based html renderer: A newer, quicker HTML rendering engine to replace the former Oracle Stellent engine.
  • Lucene has been updated to version 7.3
  • Single channel registration key for Filr:  (SLES12 SP3 base), Lucene (SLES12 SP3 base) and PostgreSQL (SLES 15 base) appliances
  • 300+ Internal defects resolved
  • …And more!

For any questions concerning the new features, the update or how to set up and use Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.