Micro Focus Filr 3.4 is available now via the Online Update Channel and provides a number of bug fixes and new features. To update your Filr to 3.4 – or to upgrade your Filr installation to version Filr 3.0 – we strongly recommend to consult your Filr Partner.

Filr 3.4 update information is available in the Micro Focus Knowledgebase. Micro Focus again listened to customers and users, and realized various suggestions from the Ideas Portal in Filr 3.4 – view the list of completed ideas here.

New Features – Overview:

  • Granular controls for Net Folder access from Filr Desktop client (online-only or offline)
  • Ability to conceal user’s LDAP ID in Filr Web interface
  • Outlook Plugin enhancements to allow file downloads without authentication
  • Default expiration of (new and modified) Shares to 30 days
  • Email notification confirmation when a share is accessed for the first time
  • Share access report
  • Ability to detect user’s locale from browser when using the Filr Web interface
  • Ubuntu support for the Filr Desktop client for Linux
  • Integration with iOS native Files app

Bug Fixes in Filr 3.4

This patch is intended to address the issues outlined in the following TIDs:

  • TID 7020162 – Filr Desktop client shows Net Folders even if option to allow synchronization is disabled
  • TID 7021444 – Can’t view .pdf files from an iOS mobile device
  • TID 7022458 – File Request option not available for Home folders
  • TID 7023058 – Filr Desktop client for Linux fails to launch when another python based process is running
  • TID 7023061 – Filr does not honor rights based on Organizational Role in eDirectory
  • TID 7023062 – SuSEfirewall2 gets truncated on Filr appliances leading to an inaccessible Filr site
  • TID 7023063 – Filr rejects file uploads in Personal Storage with an out of quota error message
  • TID 7023064 – External user report in Filr ignores the email address value in the report
  • TID 7023065 – Filr login fails with error HTTP Status 500 No row with the given identifier exists
  • TID 7023066 – Option to share File Link greyed out in the Filr Desktop client share dialog
  • TID 7023067 – Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser triggers file downloads in Filr Desktop client
  • TID 7023068 – Cursor starts flashing if Filr Desktop client launch during Windows startup is diabled
  • TID 7023072 – Filr Reverse proxy configuration status always displayed as disabled on summary page
  • TID 7023073 – External user registration on very large Filr systems sometimes fail
  • TID 7023074 – Allow TLSv1.2 only on Filr Configuration Console (port 9443)
  • TID 7023080 – Filr activity report lists some administrative activities as default admin user only
  • TID 7023081 – Filr android app always shows upload path as My Files
  • TID 7023082 – Unable to scroll when selecting source folder for upload in Filr android app
  • TID 7023083 – Filr JDK Update for Oracle January-2018 Critical Patch Update
  • TID 7023089 – Filr activity report for same day does not show all activities
  • TID 7023098 – Jackson deserialization vulnerability in Filr (CVE-2017-7525, CVE-2017-15095, CVE-2017-17485)


For any questions concerning the new features, the update or how to set up and use Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.