Micro Focus has released Filr 3.2.1

Posted on Aug 21, 2017 in Micro Focus, Micro Focus Filr, Novell, Novell Filr

Filr 3.2.1 is available now!

This update is intended to address the issues outlined in the following TIDs:

  1. TID 7021130 – Session cookies do not have HTTPOnly flag set
  2. TID 7021131 – Prevent Clickjacking attacks by implementing X-Frame-Options
  3. TID 7021132 – Prevent error pages in Filr from displaying server side information
  4. TID 7021133 – Expanding the Filr /var drive fails if any terminal session to the appliance is active
  5. TID 7021134 – Filr share email notifications are not sent if sharer has Limit User Visibility enabled
  6. TID 7021135 – Filr mobile app for iOS does not render form data in PDF files with Form data
  7. TID 7021136 – Filr NAM integration does not allow multiple Filr nodes in the NAM Authentication Class
  8. TID 7021137 – Filr Desktop client leaves behind tmp files that cannot be opened or removed
  9. TID 7021138 – Filr Desktop client does not display newly added files in some Net Folders
  10. TID 7021139 – Unable to customize the email template used for second email for external user share
  11. TID 7021141 – Accept incoming connections from filr.app prompt appears randomly for Mac users
  12. TID 7021142 – Copying an online-only file does not retain files original date-time stamp
  13. TID 7021143 – Login to Filr fails on Android 4.x devices when Advanced Authentication is enabled
  14. TID 7021144 – Missing Filr context menu on OS X El Capitan 10.11
  15. TID 7021145 – Orphaned user share report in Filr lists revoked shares
  16. TID 7021146 – Filr caching service fails to start with did not respond to the start request in a timely fashion error
  17. TID 7021147 – Allow Filr administrator to disable WebDAV site-wide
  18. TID 7021148 – Missing Validation checks in Filr HTTP Host headers
  19. TID 7021151 – User avatar missing on Android devices when Advanced Authentication is enabled
  20. TID 7021152 – Filr Outlook plugin does not reconnect automatically if remember password is checked
  21. TID 7021153 – Error 400 BAD_INPUT when attempting to delete a file from Filr Desktop client
  22. TID 7021154 – Filr Mobile branding missing on Android devices when Advanced Authentication is enabled
  23. TID 7021155 – Security vulnerability in Heimdal Kerberos protocol (CVE-2017-11103)
  24. TID 7021157 – Error executing JITs on Net Folder with DFS junction
  25. TID 7021168 – Updating the Filr Desktop client hangs
  26. TID 7021184 – Filr Desktop client overlay icons missing if folder name is 8 numeric characters”

Feel free to contact us for more information about these issues and in case you need support with the application of this update. We are looking forward to helping you with planning, installing and keeping your Filr installation up to date.