Micro Focus Filr 3.3 is released

Posted on Dec 13, 2017 in Filr Countdown, Micro Focus, Micro Focus Filr, Novell, Novell Filr

Micro Focus has released Filr 3.3, which is available via the Online Update Channel and also comes with a new Desktop Client. We have already reported on the exiting new features in Filr 3.3. More details are coming soon.

Updated to add release infos and TIDs:

Filr 3.3 update information is available in the Micro Focus Knowledgebase. You can find all the technical details on the Filr 3.3 download page. Micro Focus listened to customers and users, and realized various suggestions from the Ideas Portal in Filr 3.3 – view the list of completed ideas here.

Following you can expand a list of all the fixed bugs in Filr 3.3, click on the TID number for more details:

Bug Fixes in Filr 3.3

  • TID 7021721 – Filr Desktop client fails to start on Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • TID 7022281 – Unable to add Filr as a Storage Service in Office 2016
  • TID 7016504 – Filr desktop client missing overlay icons
  • TID 7018456 – Filr Desktop Client for Windows allows blacklisted processes to trigger file downloads
  • TID 7021141 – Accept incoming connections from filr.app prompt appears randomly for Mac users
  • TID 7021069 – Filr configured with NAM fails during startup after upgrade to Filr 3.2
  • TID 7021150 – Find all shares in Filr unresponsive when several thousand shares exist
  • TID 7022380 – Unable to access Net Folders if the folders contains multiple & character
  • TID 7022382 – Filr Desktop client fails to detect changes to some Excel 97-2003 .xls format files
  • TID 7022384 – Excessive memory utilization by the Filr Indexing service
  • TID 7022388 – Unable to access files when using NSS for AD Net Folders behind DFS junctions
  • TID 7022389 – Self Registration URL missing in plain-text version of the Share notification
  • TID 7022390 – Filr folders don’t show any content for 2-3 minutes after Windows re-boot
  • TID 7022391 – Filr 3.2 upgrade fails with Liquibase Error Incorrect syntax
  • TID 7022392 – Filr Tomcat update to v7.0.78
  • TID 7022395 – Trying to share from Desktop client leads to Share Operation Failed error
  • TID 7022396 – Filr group membership out of sync with the directory
  • TID 7022397 – BEAST Security vulnerability in Filr (CVE-2011-3389)
  • TID 7022398 – Filr reports are truncated to first 10,000 records
  • TID 7022399 – Filr Desktop client unable to connect to Filr server over Web Application Proxy
  • TID 7022401 – Folders shared under My Files no longer allow granting Re-share of File Links
  • TID 7022404 – Renaming a shared file in Filr leaves behind the original file which cannot be deleted
  • TID 7022410 – Filr share email to external users does not include the share note
  • TID 7022411 – Shared file link in Filr downloads a 0KB file if the share was deleted
  • TID 7022412 – Unable to add files in any Filr Net Folders if user has no access to his Home folder
  • TID 7022413 – Filr Desktop client blocked by firewall
  • TID 7022414 – Choosing Open In Filr iOS app fails from 3rd party apps if Filr app is not running in background
  • TID 7022415 – Unable to upload iOS 11 HEIC format photos using Filr iOS app
  • TID 7022416 – Unable to upload photos from iCloud Photo Library using Filr iOS app
  • TID 7022417 – Filr iOS app on iPad no longer displays the Action button on files
  • TID 7022419 – Cached content visible to multiple Filr users on shared iOS device
  • TID 7022420 – Passcode prompt skipped when using Open In Filr iOS app if Filr app is not running in background
  • TID 7022427 – Saving changes to Excel files in Filr folders can lead to 0KB files
  • TID 7022436 – Outlook becomes unresponsive when uploading large files using the Filr plugin
  • TID 7021155 – Security vulnerability in Heimdal Kerberos protocol (CVE-2017-11103)

Get ready to update to a new level of working with files. For any questions concerning the new features, the update or how to set up and use Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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