Micro Focus has released the Filr 3.3.4 Update. This update provides a number of general bug fixes for Micro Focus Filr and Search appliances, including a fix for an issue with the Filr Indexing service and a solution for the advanced authentication.

You can update to Filr 3.3.4 via the Online Update Channel.

The Filr 3.3.4 Update adresses the following TIDs:

  • TID 7022384 – Excessive memory utilization by the Filr Indexing service
  • TID 7022900 – Users need to re-enter username when Filr is integrated with NetIQ Advanced authentication

In case there are any questions regarding the Filr 3.3.4 update or any other question around Micro Focus Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.