In our recent blog post about the Filr 3.3.1 update we have already mentioned the possibility of an error (Error: 404 „Host header validation failed“) after the installation of the patch in some scenarios. This mainly affects scenarios with multi-domain installations of Micro Focus Filr. More information about this error can be found in TIDs 7022670 and 7021148.

Micro Focus did react quickly and has made a patch available in the Filr 3.3.2 update. You can download this patch for the Filr Standard and Advanced edition via the Online Update Channel. The Update disables the Host header validation by default, and gives the administrator the option to enable this new security feature manually.

Many thanks to the Filr product management and development team for providing this fix so quickly!

In case you might have already installed Filr 3.3.1 and are facing the error, please contact us. We are happy to help you. Of course we also support you in case there are any questions regarding the Filr 3.3.2 update or any other question around Micro Focus Filr.