We have, once again, carried together important and interesting news for you this October. Now that summer holidays are over and we have managed the first wave of colds and flu season, the time for events and webinars has started. Also, a new version of mobile Apps for Filr has been released, which triples the choice of supported management solutions. Finally, we have written another interesting Use Case Spotlight about Micro Focus Vibe for you. Enjoy reading!


We have already mentioned it in the announcement of this event here in the blog , and here’s a friendly reminder: at the “netzblicke” event „Sicherheit im Netz – so geht´s“ (Security on the Internet – How To) hosted by the IHK Academy in Munich at October, 25th 2018 Dr. Werner Degenhardt from Code and Concept will be giving a talk about psychological factors of IT security. The topic is „Psychologie der IT-Sicherheit: Warum wir auf Phishing hereinfallen und was man dagegen tun kann“ (Psychology of IT Security: Why we fall for Phishing Mails and what we can do about it).

TTP Conference

In November, the TTP Technology Conference takes place again in Bangalore. We have already reported about it in our September Monthly blog post. Registration is still open, and remember that the TTP APAC is not only addressed to TTP members exclusively, but also to interested partners and customers.

TTP Education Fund

The TTP Education Fund has reached its first goal! The first student financially sponsored by the TTP Education Fund has enrolled at the University of Bangalore and is studying “Computer Science Engineering” now. We do wish her all the best and success for her studies and congratulate the TTP Education Fund, and we are proud to have helped reaching this goal with our contribution. Get yourself informed and do also support the TTP Education Fund to help young people in India reaching a higher education, which enables them and their families to take the first step out of poverty.


New version of the Filr app

Having access to necessary files anywhere and anytime on the mobile device can be an immense advantage. However, this advantage for the administration – in particular with the BYOD concept – is associated with increased administrative effort. At the point where the overhead and hassle begin, mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) is often used. Mobilelron support has been integrated into Filr Mobile Apps for some time, which has improved the security of mobile device data access for customers using MobileIron. However, for customers using a different MDM / EMM, there is good news: the Micro Focus Filr mobile apps now also support AppConfig and ZENWorks Configuration Management. This makes it possible to integrate the Filr app into the central device management even better and more flexibly, and in the best case it can even save license costs! Update your mobile apps and your Filr system! If you need support, we are here for you!

Use Case Spotlight – practical: cost and resource conservation.

Order food with Micro Focus Vibe in a canteen over a vibe form.

In cafeterias and company restaurants, a lot of food is prepared unnecessarily – from each menu variant should finally be enough for the employees in stock. The problem: Nobody knows in advance, who chooses what food – so a lot of food is thrown away and so wasted. A menu plan –   a pre-selection per week per employee – solves the problem of excess preparation. Using a simple vibe form, this planning is easy, sustainable and cost-cutting.


Particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises – especially where the cost of catering in the canteen or the company restaurant is borne by the AG – the preparation of large amounts of food is a not inconsiderable cost factor. The unpredictability of the purchase quantities complicates the work of the kitchen staff and the purchasing planning – it must always be paid with a variation in the diet always very much, which new court “arrives” – some new food is sold out after half an hour, some become the counter-custodian.This inefficiency is a waste of valuable resources and, not least, a burden on the environment – “sustainability” looks different, so what is needed is to pre-order next week’s menus as simply as possible, which will not only make the kitchen better Planning, but gives employees the ability to view absences (“no canteen today”) and thus waste even less food Such a pre-order should be easy to access and easy to manage.


With Micro Focus Vibe, this use case can be implemented easily and efficiently. For this purpose, a simple form is created, which contains a selection field for each day of the week in which, for example, the options “Menu1”, “Menu2”, “Menu3” and “No food” are available.Employees are embedded on a landing page with the next week’s menu, along with a link to fill out the form – so they can make informed decisions and fill in their order for the entire next week, up to a deadline. On the deadline the kitchen evaluates the orders and carries out their corresponding planning. In the planned week is then every day almost exactly the right amount of food for all available and prepared. The costs for the company and the environment can be reduced so much because surplus is hardly produced any more. In addition, the whole thing can be further optimized by the employees also specify the approximate time of their lunch break – so preparation times can be planned and the food spends less time in unhealthy keeping warm.This makes it easy to improve for everyone involved, thanks to the flexibility and easy-to-use capabilities of Micro Focus Vibe.

Good Appetite!