Micro Focus Vibe at the University Hospital of Munich

Code and Concept worked with the hospital group to implement Micro Focus Vibe as its main communication and collaboration tool.


Micro Focus published a Success Story about the Micro Focus Vibe installation at the University Hospital of Munich.
Code and Concept’s contribution was highlighted by Micro Focus, so we want to share this Success Story with you.


About the University Hospital of Munich (KUM)

The University of Munich hospital group is a center of high-end medicine, medical innovation and research. It is a highly advanced hospital with 45 clinics, institutes and departments covering all fields of medicine with its 10,000 employees.

Find out how Code and Concept and Micro Focus worked with the hospital group to implement Micro Focus Vibe as its main communication and collaboration tool. Vibe is also used extensively for project management and is at the center of a “strategy project 2025” with 50-60 projects outlining the future vision of the group.

The Challenge

The challenge was to enable medical professionals to freely communicate and collaborate with other medical institutions, in Germany, or elsewhere in the world. This needs to be achieved without compromising security and ensuring the privacy of patient data.

The Solution

The solution was to use Micro Focus Vibe as a communication and collaboration platform, as well as for all hospital project management.

The Results

The result was a full protection of patient data plus secure and effective team collaboration. In addition to that there was a high Vibe user acceptance when team members realize the potential of Vibe. At the University Hospital of Munich Micro Focus Vibe now is the de-facto project management solution.

Read the full Success Story on the Micro Focus website



 “At first it started slowly, but then suddenly it exploded as people realised the possibilities, such als blogs, wiki, and discussion forums – it was nice!”


Jürgen Primbs Stabstellenleiter/Projektleiter, Klinikum der Universität München
For me it was crucial that we could use Micro Focus Vibe out-of-the-box. Compared to Sharepoint it hasn´t required more effort at all which was a deciding factor for us. I can just install it and it is operational immediately. We have had the product since 2010 and the last four years we have really intensified its use so that it´s now a standard product at our hospital. It is almost impossible to imagine life without Micro Focus Vibe.

We looked for an implementation partner and found Code and Concept. It was love at first sight – although you can´t really say that; we felt it was a great fit! The process of upgrades, maintenance, fault analysis, and advice on what else is possible with this Micro Focus product was taken to another level with Code and Concept.