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Micro Focus has released Filr 3.3.3

The Filr 3.3.3 Update has been released by Micro Focus. This update provides a number of general bug fixes for Micro Focus Filr, Search and MySQL appliances including an updated Filr Plugin for Microsoft Office and Outlook.

You can update to Filr 3.3.3 via the Online Update Channel.

The following TIDs are being adressed with the Filr 3.3.3 Update:

  • TID 7022646 – WebDAV connections fail after applying the Filr 3.3 Update
  • TID 7022712 – Quota used calculation for Filr based storage gets out of sync
  • TID 7022715 – Outlook prompts users that the Filr plugin has not been enabled

In case there are any questions regarding the Filr 3.3.3 update or any other question around Micro Focus Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Filr 3.3.2 patches possible error after the Filr 3.3.1 update

In our recent blog post about the Filr 3.3.1 update we have already mentioned the possibility of an error (Error: 404 „Host header validation failed“) after the installation of the patch in some scenarios. This mainly affects scenarios with multi-domain installations of Micro Focus Filr. More information about this error can be found in TIDs 7022670 and 7021148.

Micro Focus did react quickly and has made a patch available in the Filr 3.3.2 update. You can download this patch for the Filr Standard and Advanced edition via the Online Update Channel. The Update disables the Host header validation by default, and gives the administrator the option to enable this new security feature manually.

Many thanks to the Filr product management and development team for providing this fix so quickly!

In case you might have already installed Filr 3.3.1 and are facing the error, please contact us. We are happy to help you. Of course we also support you in case there are any questions regarding the Filr 3.3.2 update or any other question around Micro Focus Filr.

Code and Concept Monthly – February ’18

The TTP conference in Weiden, Germany is getting closer – the agenda is set up. The event is almost fully booked by now and there is a session topic list available.

The Vibe 4.0.4 update may lead to some unexpected system behavior in some scenarios – for example regarding the function “Edit this File” – but solutions are already at hand.

Some may be wondering: what’s the things I could be using Micro Focus Vibe for? This question will be tackled in this Monthly with our first Use Case Spotlight.


TTP EMEA Conference Weiden

At the academic conference, taking place from Feb 26th until March 2nd, someone from Code and Concept will be on site every day, and of course there will be sessions hold by us and our customers. We are giving a session about Micro Focus Vibe. Jürgen Primbs from Klinikum der Universität München (KUM)  will deliver a session – in German – about  „Agile methods in a non-agile environment“. Additionally, Werner Degenhardt, former CIO of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, talks about IT security and will showcase phishing methods in his Live Phishing Training.

Take a look at the recommended sessions, as they can also be found in the now available complete Session Topic List of the TTP conference:

  • “What’s going on around Vibe? Information, Use Cases, Thoughts, and a Call to Action” – a session by Christian Giese from Code and Concept in English.
  • „Agile methods in a non-agile environment“ – The session will be delivered in German by Jürgen Primbs (KUM).
  • Live Phishing Training“ with Werner Degenhardt
  • Also interesting: „Vibe – Get Hidden Reports!“ by Diethmar Rimser
  • There will also be various Filr sessions around sharing, support, scaling and a look into the future, directly from the Filr product manager.

On this occasion, a reminder: do not miss the pre session courses the weekend before the conference, February 24th and 25th:

  • Two day Zenworks – The FULL Potential workshop
  • Two day Linux and Bash Scripting training
  • 3 hour VMware vSphere 6.5 hands on lab on Sunday


Issues after the Vibe 4.0.4 upgrade

Using the new MSURI functionality in Vibe 4.0.4 for the option “Edit this File” can – in certain situations – lead to the function being not visible anymore. Anyhow, there’s more than one way to directly edit office documents saved in Vibe  – we will be happy to advise you finding the ideal solution for your use case.
With some clients, it is also possible to encounter some rendering issues when using the GroupWise Client Integration. We do also support you in this case.


Use Case Spotlight – Micro Focus Vibe


The Challenge

Low efficiency and high risk of error in traditional manual hardware procurement

The process of ordering and obtaining client-hardware in a large, decentralised customer organisation was traditionally executed as a non-unified, manual process with regard to its format and the communication channels used. This led to a significant portion of the IT Service Desks available time resources being locked into controlling and ensuring the data quality and integrity of orders made, on tracking the (partial) deliveries and packaging slips, and into matching orders to the end customer.

The Solution

Digitisation and partial automation of organisational procurement processes using Micro Focus Vibe

The physical order process is enhanced and supported digitally by using out-of-the-box features of Micro Focus Vibe (Online-Form, File Upload/Download, Workflow Processes).

The ordering customer

  • completes an online form, created by the people of the IT Service Desk, in Vibe
  • uploads the completed, official Excel-based order form as an attachment,
  • receives several automatic emails from the workflow engine, containing e.g. the order confirmation or the notification of readiness for pick up
  • gets the invoice directly from the supplier.

The result is a system that ensures data quality and integrity right from the start and which collects all pertinent information in one place, visible to all involved entities. A quick and predominantly complication-free procurement process is guaranteed. Through partial automation, order fulfillment has been quicker and easier for all people involved, and error rates have gone down.

Micro Focus Filr 3.3.1 is available

Micro Focus has released Filr 3.3.1, which provides a number of general bug fixes, including an updated Filr Desktop Client for macOS.
The Filr 3.3.1 Update for Standard and Advanced Editions of Filr is available via the Onlien Update Channel.

The following TIDs are being adressed with the Filr 3.3.1 Update:

  • TID 7022646 – WebDAV connections fail after applying the Filr 3.3 Update
  • TID 7022645 – Folders with DOT in name appear empty when using the Filr Desktop client for macOS
  • TID 7021148 – Missing Validation checks in Filr HTTP Host headers

Before patching please review TID 7022670, and if you are affected, or unsure, please contact us. We know the workaround for this issue and are happy to help you.

Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.4 has been released

A new version of Micro Focus Vibe is available in the Customer Center. Vibe 4.0.4 includes for the most part security updates and bug fixes.

Also available in the Micro Focus download area is a new version of Vibe Desktop (4.0.4) as well as the Vibe Add-in 4.0.4 for Microsoft Office.

Read more about What’s New in Vibe 4.0.4 and the Bug Fixes in Vibe 4.0.4.

Bug Fixes in Vibe 4.0.4

1002792 Performance issues when user is member of hundreds of groups

1025937 Mirrored Folders not syncing – Oracle Database 11g

1037666 Vibe will not sync with eDirectory 9

1038897 If the export of a workspace results in a .zip file larger than 4GB, the .zip file will be corrupted

1039381 LDAP sync halts on empty attribute values

1039466 Files attached to a folder are no longer accessible when using Markup

1039543 Andriod App does not allow going to next page in file folder

1040431 Desktop client randomly stops synchronizing some files

1042971 “Edit in Place” keeps asks for permission to run for _every_ File

1043315 Entry type changes if item is copied

1043528 Workflow access rights problems

1044366 No search results are displayed

1047249 Using Vibe markup to create a link to a new (nonexisting) entry seems to be broken

1048599 KeyShield SSO Edit applet not working with error “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.kablink.teaming.applets.fileopen.FileOpenâ€

1050531 Folder settings are being lost when copying a folder

1050533 Folder settings are being lost when exporting and importing a folder

1051287 Unable to login after Vibe 4.x server migration

1053014 Section markup (==section title==) is not working correctly on blog folders

1053453 German translation of “Version Files” button is wrong when dragging a file into a Vibe folder

1055111 Invalid RPC token error when Vibe 4.0.3 is in cluster setup

1055626 Copying an entry from one discussion folder to another restores deleted comments in destination folder

1058534 Adding an attachment to an entry fails via REST

1058745 Copying a Blog folder with entries that have same file attachments Fails with SQL Error

1059848 Set default for edit in place to use MS URI

1063702 Admin unable to login after upgrade 1064707 Calendar Summary accessory not working correctly – not able to navigate calendar as expected

1065054 The Ideas Portal link in Vibe points to the wrong URL

1066183 Accessory panel configured with search query does not display results

1067252 Error indexing entry: java.lang.ClassCastException and various other exceptions

1069995 CSIR database issues. Oracle DB.

1070430 Groups in Vibe show members that are not member in the eDirectory group

1071331 File Duplication during file sync with a Mirrored Folder

1073173 MAC Vibe Desktop Crashes on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

1075287 Mirrored Folder Sync problem – Failed to process entity with path

Of course, we’ll be happy  to assist in keeping your Vibe installation up to date.

From what we have already tested, especially the new behaviour of the new edit-in-place functionality for “Edit this file” using MSURI may be unexpected after this upgrade.

Feel free to contact us for more information on these details or the fixed issues and in case you need support with planning and applying this update. We are looking forward to helping you.

Filr Security Patch regarding MELTDOWN & SPECTRE

This patch applies to Micro Focus Filr 3.0 and Novell Filr 2.0.

By now, your surely know all about the “Meltdown” and “Spectre” attacks against modern CPUs.

The patch for these issues is now available in Filr 3.0 – Security Update 3 and Filr 2.0 – Security Update 4. With the update installed, the kernel version will be updated to 3.0.101-108.21.1.

Additional information

For details on the attacks, please visit or or

The patch download pages are available here: Patch for Filr 3.0 and Patch for Filr 2.0.

Please note: When applying the updates the version numbers of Filr are NOT being changed. However, this does not imply an update failure, but is rather working as designed.

To make sure if the update has been performed successfully, please follow the instructions given on the patch’s download page.

Code and Concept Monthly – January ’18: A Happy New Year!

After all the holidays’ and New Years’ hurly-burly, we all started into 2018 under full steam and we’re already working hard with our customers to achieve 2018’s first goals, as usual mostly in the areas of enhanced Online- and Team-Collaboration, secure File sharing and more.

As Code and Concept we want to to wish all our customers, partners, friends and the readers of this blog a happy and successful new year, and we are looking forward to continuing our productive collaboration and to starting new and exciting projects together.


Meltdown & Spectre – very low level issues with deep impact

Recently, „MELTDOWN“  and SPECTRE“ have kept the IT world in suspense and admins on their toes. Us, too – we are working in close collaboration with our customers in order to analyse and estimate the consequences to be expected from those security vulnerabilities and assist in rolling out patches as they become available.

In particular, we lend support in the analysis of potential consequences and criticality with regard to SPECTRE and MELTDOWN as they affect virtual appliances and virtual desktop infrastructures. On account of the high level of awareness all around the issues, progress at our customers’ sites is steady and quick.

More information also available at


Announcement: TTP EMEA Conference (26.2. – 2.3.18) in Weiden

In the last week of February – from Monday, February 26th until Friday, March 2nd – the TTP EMEA Conference takes place at the Ostbayrische Technische Hochschule Amberg – Weiden in Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

The conference agenda covers current hot topics in IT as well as in-depth technical background information, just as TTP members are used to expect from this kind of event.

In addition to the valuable technical presentations, there will be sessions from TTP members covering a number of best pratices, but also organizational and legal aspects of their work, as well as some short presentations from partners and sponsors showing their latest solutions for IT in Education & Science.

Meals will be provided and evening events are already planned, so there will be any number of opportunities for knowledge exchange as well as networking and an anecdote (or three) among the delegates. This time – as a special highlight – there will be a live concert on Wednesday evening !

As usual, there will be no charge to attend the main conference including optional workshops.

More information on registration & booking, getting there, and accommodation is available at the TTP EMEA 2018 conference page.

A special recommendation: free (as in “no charge”) workshops at February 24th and 25th: On both days of the weekend prior to the conference, there are additional optional workshops to grab a seat in if you can:

  • Two day Zenworks – The FULL Potential workshop
  • Two day Linux and Bash Scripting training
  • 3 hour VMware vSphere 6.5 „hands on lab“ on Sunday

More information on the workshops available on the official webpage.


More security for Filr

With Filr version 3.3, another security feature has found its way into Filr. You can activate the TLSv1.2 protocol in the appliance configuration. This elevates data transport security when working with Filr. Activating TLS 1.2 may lead to limitations when using older devices and older client versions (which are by now outdated, but possibly still used), which is why this option is not enabled by default. More information is available in a Cool Solutions Post by Micro Focus.

Micro Focus Filr 3.3 is released

Micro Focus has released Filr 3.3, which is available via the Online Update Channel and also comes with a new Desktop Client. We have already reported on the exiting new features in Filr 3.3. More details are coming soon.

Updated to add release infos and TIDs:

Filr 3.3 update information is available in the Micro Focus Knowledgebase. You can find all the technical details on the Filr 3.3 download page. Micro Focus listened to customers and users, and realized various suggestions from the Ideas Portal in Filr 3.3 – view the list of completed ideas here.

Following you can expand a list of all the fixed bugs in Filr 3.3, click on the TID number for more details:

Bug Fixes in Filr 3.3

  • TID 7021721 – Filr Desktop client fails to start on Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • TID 7022281 – Unable to add Filr as a Storage Service in Office 2016
  • TID 7016504 – Filr desktop client missing overlay icons
  • TID 7018456 – Filr Desktop Client for Windows allows blacklisted processes to trigger file downloads
  • TID 7021141 – Accept incoming connections from prompt appears randomly for Mac users
  • TID 7021069 – Filr configured with NAM fails during startup after upgrade to Filr 3.2
  • TID 7021150 – Find all shares in Filr unresponsive when several thousand shares exist
  • TID 7022380 – Unable to access Net Folders if the folders contains multiple & character
  • TID 7022382 – Filr Desktop client fails to detect changes to some Excel 97-2003 .xls format files
  • TID 7022384 – Excessive memory utilization by the Filr Indexing service
  • TID 7022388 – Unable to access files when using NSS for AD Net Folders behind DFS junctions
  • TID 7022389 – Self Registration URL missing in plain-text version of the Share notification
  • TID 7022390 – Filr folders don’t show any content for 2-3 minutes after Windows re-boot
  • TID 7022391 – Filr 3.2 upgrade fails with Liquibase Error Incorrect syntax
  • TID 7022392 – Filr Tomcat update to v7.0.78
  • TID 7022395 – Trying to share from Desktop client leads to Share Operation Failed error
  • TID 7022396 – Filr group membership out of sync with the directory
  • TID 7022397 – BEAST Security vulnerability in Filr (CVE-2011-3389)
  • TID 7022398 – Filr reports are truncated to first 10,000 records
  • TID 7022399 – Filr Desktop client unable to connect to Filr server over Web Application Proxy
  • TID 7022401 – Folders shared under My Files no longer allow granting Re-share of File Links
  • TID 7022404 – Renaming a shared file in Filr leaves behind the original file which cannot be deleted
  • TID 7022410 – Filr share email to external users does not include the share note
  • TID 7022411 – Shared file link in Filr downloads a 0KB file if the share was deleted
  • TID 7022412 – Unable to add files in any Filr Net Folders if user has no access to his Home folder
  • TID 7022413 – Filr Desktop client blocked by firewall
  • TID 7022414 – Choosing Open In Filr iOS app fails from 3rd party apps if Filr app is not running in background
  • TID 7022415 – Unable to upload iOS 11 HEIC format photos using Filr iOS app
  • TID 7022416 – Unable to upload photos from iCloud Photo Library using Filr iOS app
  • TID 7022417 – Filr iOS app on iPad no longer displays the Action button on files
  • TID 7022419 – Cached content visible to multiple Filr users on shared iOS device
  • TID 7022420 – Passcode prompt skipped when using Open In Filr iOS app if Filr app is not running in background
  • TID 7022427 – Saving changes to Excel files in Filr folders can lead to 0KB files
  • TID 7022436 – Outlook becomes unresponsive when uploading large files using the Filr plugin
  • TID 7021155 – Security vulnerability in Heimdal Kerberos protocol (CVE-2017-11103)

Get ready to update to a new level of working with files. For any questions concerning the new features, the update or how to set up and use Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

This afternoon you can learn how to perform basic troubleshooting on Filr yourself, and get your users an even better support experience:
Join the online webinar
“Basic trouble shooting & maintenance for your Filr system” today,
December 13th 2017, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CET.

Filr 3.3 is just around the corner

The upcoming release of Filr 3.3 via the Online Update Channel has been announced in Micro Focus’ Cool Solutions forum. Filr product manager Devadas Kovilakath shares a preview on the exciting new features in Filr 3.3, some of which were realized based on your and other customers’ input in the Micro Focus Filr Ideas Portal.

Let’s take a look at it:

  • Multi Tenancy / Zoning for Filr: In version 3.3 Filr systems can be run with different zones, so customers will be able to manage, provision & customize their Filr system in seperate and (mostly) independent zones. Imagine how this will make life easier for organizations with different branch offices, service providers with customer groups or academic institutions with various faculties/schools. As a partner we will be able to host Filr for customers and make them benefit from the advantages of a professional file sharing and management platform without having to administer the platform and back-end system on their own.
  • Microsoft Office Plugin: By using the new Microsoft Office plugin for Filr your users will be able to open, save and share MS Office files directly from MS Office applications. Of course, the Filr desktop client (“Files on Demand”) continues to provide access to the files even when being offline.
  • Linux Client: Here’s one enhancement coming directly from the ideas portal! The Filr development team built a Linux Client for Filr, starting with a trimmed down version, but developing and implementing additional features in the future based on your or other customers’ input.
  • File request from external users: The file request feature in version 3.3 is another one that has been built on users’ request and feedback in the ideas portal. It enables users external to Filr to upload a file on request without having to register or login to the system. What a great new feature and easy way to collaborate with your external partners, customers, service providers etc.!
  • Mobile app improvements: Take a photo and upload it directly to Filr via the Filr mobile apps – that’s now possible with Filr 3.3! Android app users will additionally be able to upload multiple files in the background.
  • Usability enhancements: Based on customers’ input Micro Focus also worked hard to enhance Filr on usability and performance aspects – just imagine the charms of an “Un-Share” button…

Get ready to update to a new level of working with files. For any questions concerning the new features, the update or how to set up and use Filr, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Upcoming Webinars about Collaboration and File Sharing solutions

Sign up for these upcoming Micro Focus webinars and learn more about your favorite collaboration and file sharing solutions:


Are you using Outlook for email? Leverage Filr with the Outlook plugin to optimise how you share files with mail recipients!
Join “How to setup and use Filr’s Outlook plugin”
Wednesday, November 8th 2017, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CET


Get to know all the new features in GroupWise 2018
Join “GroupWise 2018 – Überblick und neue Funktionen” (German)
Tuesday, November 14th 2017, 10:00 am – 11:00 am CET


Micro Focus proudly presents a brand new collaboration tool for enterprise social networking and social business collaboration
Join: “Teamworks – Enterprise Social Collaboration” (German)
Thursday, November 23rd 2017, 10:00 am – 11:00 am CET
NEW DATE: Tuesday, December 19th 2017, 10:00 am – 11:00 am CET.


Learn how to perform basic troubleshooting on Filr yourself, and get your users an even better support experience
“Basic trouble shooting & maintenance for your Filr system”
Wednesday, December 13th 2017, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CET