31. Jan 2017: Micro Focus hat Patch 2 für Vibe 4.0.2 veröffentlicht

Gepostet am Feb 1, 2017 in Micro Focus, Micro Focus Vibe, Novell, Novell Vibe

Micro Focus hat Patch 2 für Vibe 4.0.2 veröffentlicht.
Dieser ist ab sofort im Micro Focus Patch Finder verfügbar.

Vibe 4.0.2  – Patch 2

This patch is intended to address the issues outlined in the following TIDs:

TID 7018520 – Oracle Outside In Technology January 2017 Security Update for Vibe
TID 7018523 – GetViewInfoCmd failed error when attempting to login to Vibe
TID 7018522 – External user report in Vibe ignores the email address value in the report
TID 7018521 – Login fails for some users when using KeyShield SSO with Vibe
TID 7018533 – Performance issue when working with very large set (millions) of custom attributes
TID 7018374 – Marking folder contents as read does not mark entry comments read
TID 7018220 – Unable to reset password for external user in Vibe
TID 7018203 – Entry description is lost when editing a sub-section of Vibe entry in 4.0.2
TID 7018204 – Allow external users and groups flag is reset when editing team membership
TID 7018205 – HTML is lost when using TinyMCE HTML Editor in Vibe 4.0.2
TID 7018207 – Days of month not translated in French when using the date picker widget in Vibe
TID 7018210 – Java applets in Vibe expired on June 4, 2016

System Requirements:
This patch must only be applied to a site that is currently on:
Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.2 (Build 4729 / September 26, 2016)“

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, falls Sie Hilfe bei der Installation des Patches benötigen. Wir unterstützen Sie gerne Sie bei der Planung und Installation und helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre Vibe Installation auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten.